Welcome! We’re Jeanine and Amy--two sisters who love to play with their kids.  We live on opposite sides of the country but keep in touch over the phone and through blogging.  We love sharing with each other the activities we do to keep our  kids happy and busy—and that’s how this blog was born—as a place to share ideas.  Don’t be fooled by all this pink though.  You’ll find plenty of projects for both your sons and daughters here.  Jeanine has four crazy (but sweet) boys and Amy has two sons and a daughter who would much rather play with dinosaurs and trains than princesses and ponies.

(Jeanine's family)

 (Amy's family)

We hope you like what you find here.  We’d love to hear your ideas too!  Leave a comment, or you can contact us at servingpinklemonade@gmail.com