Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Young Women Values Magnets (Includes Free Download)

We had a successful activity at our church youth night recently. The young women created a bucket list of things they wanted to complete in the next year or two and then they made these cute little pebble magnets to remind them of the Young Women Values. They're a fun size and can be used in their school locker, on a memo board, or on any magnetic surface in their room. The girls seemed to enjoy the activity and the magnets came together nicely in the hour we were together.

The girls had two choices to pick from. They could have a colored background with white lettering or a white background with colored lettering. The clear pebble stones I got where between 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch. They can sometimes be found at Dollar Tree but most craft stores should have them also.

To make the magnets I found it works best to place the pebble on top of the paper, centering it on the lettering, and trace around it with a pencil. Cut out the circle just on the inside of the traced circle. Brush a very thin layer of mod podge onto the flat surface of the pebble and place the paper on top, lettered side down. Allow to dry an few minutes and then apply a magnet. If your magnet does not have self adhesive, glue on the magnet using a hot glue gun. Using another kind of glue will cause the ink to bleed and ruin your whole project. (Trust me on this one. I know from sad experience.)

Hopefully these cute little magnets can act as a reminder to the girls of the values they hold and also to be working on their Personal Progress.

Feel free to download my template to make your own pebble magnets.
(For personal use only. Thanks!)



I made a 4x6 memo board to display the magnets on by using this fun frame from IKEA and a scrap piece of sheet metal. It worked well to temporarily to show off these little gems.

If you have any questions be sure ask! If you give this project a try leave a comment and let me know how it went.

Have fun!

Monday, January 21, 2019

How to Sew a Ridiculously Easy Barbie Dress in Under a Minute

The other day my four year old found a bag of fabric scraps from old sewing projects. As she was looking through them she got a most terrible idea. "Let's make Barbie clothes out of this fabric Mom!" "No way Jose!" I thought. Sewing teeny tiny Barbie clothes is not what I consider a good time. But then inspiration struck that made both me and my daughter happy. Introducing "the ridiculously easy Barbie dress that can be sewn in under a minute". No tight seems to sew or itty bitty hems to finish. These pretty dresses are so easy to make, your Barbie could have a whole new wardrobe in just ten minutes.

You can even use the same pattern to make a long maxi dress, a shorter knee length dress, or even just a simple t-shirt.

Ready for the super simple instructions?

Start with a piece of knit fabric that is approximately 14 inches long and 3 inches wide. It has to be knit fabric or else the dress won't be able to stretch to fit onto the Barbie. Also, the beauty of using knit fabric is that you don't have to sew any hems or edges because it won't fray. This is a great way to use up small fabric scraps or even re-purpose an old pair of leggings or t-shirt.

Fold the fabric in half, right sides together, so that your fabric is now approximately 7 inches long. Starting at the bottom sew up toward the folded edge using a quarter inch seam allowance. When you get about a half inch from reaching the fold stop and back stitch. Repeat on the other side. Once done cut a semicircle along the center of the folded edge as shown below. The semicircle should be about 3/4 inch wide.

Super simple, right? At this point you're just about done. Now turn the dress right side out . . .

And ta-da! You're done. Dress complete. It doesn't get much easier than this.

Here she is, looking pretty in her brand new dress.

One of my favorite things about this pattern is that it still has sleeves without having to actually sew any. So simple, but still so classy.

So go ahead and raid your fabric bin for knit fabric. I know you're dying to whip up some new Barbie clothes now. Even better, have your daughter do it. This makes a great begging sewing project for kids. My twelve year old was excited to sew her little sister some of these easy dresses as a homemade Christmas gift, and she loved them! (See my other ideas for gifts kids can make HERE.)

Thursday, January 10, 2019

FREE 2019 Mutual Theme - Printable Art, Bookmarks, Binder Covers

NEW 4x6 printable! Link to download below.

Use these free 2019 Young Women binder covers, bookmarks, and printable art to help your Young Women learn the new theme!

The Church's 2019 mutual theme is "If ye love me, keep my commandments". You can read more about it HERE. I love this theme because when we love the Lord we want to keep his commandments. I wanted to created some art to reflect this years theme. I thought the floral heart fit right in with the theme and added a touch of beauty at the same time.

These bookmarks can be printed off six to a sheet and are an inexpensive goodie to share with your Young Women. They can be used as birthday gifts or to hand out at your New Beginnings mutual night as a reminder of this years theme.

These pretty binder covers will help you stay organized throughout the year. There are covers for each presidency member, class advisers, and a personal progress specialist! 

Enjoy your freebies!

2019 Mutual Theme on Scribd

Monday, January 7, 2019

Cub Scouts - Leave No Trace Principles

My 10 year old is working to earn his Arrow of Light for Cub Scouts. One of the requirements is to memorize the Outdoor Code and the Principles of Leave No Trace. To help him with the Principles of Leave No Trace I searched Pinterest for some sort of visual helps but wasn't able to find anything. I decided to make my own visuals and wanted to post them here in case they could be of help to anyone else. I have two versions available; one with picture cues and words and the other with just the picture cues. To print: 1. click on image 2. right click and copy 3. paste into a Word document and print.

I also found some little jingles to help you learn the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace Principles over at Between these visual clues and the songs I think we'll learn these principles fast.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Paper Snowflakes with Hidden Names

I love to make snowflakes with my kids during December and keep them up through January.  One really fun way is to cut your names out!

It leaves a really unique design.  My oldest son is named William . . . can you see his name?

Here's how you do it. First, fold your paper like you would for any snowflake.  (Here's a refresher).

Next, you trace out your letters with the bottom of your letters along the folded side of your snowflake.

Cut your letters out making sure to leave space between each letter.

If you want, you can add some embellishments around the outside of the snowflake.

Unfold your snowflake and viola!  You have a fun snowflake to hang in your house with your hidden names!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Magnetic Bookmark Gift Set (Gifts Kids Can Make)

This magnetic bookmark gift set makes the sweetest little gift for anyone. It's perfect for parents, grandparents, siblings, and teachers. They're extremely budget friendly and easy to put together.

This year I helped my four year old make some of these bookmarks to give to her older sister and brothers for Christmas. I've probably said it 100 times, but I'll say it again. When children have opportunities to give they learn to love giving. Christmastime is the perfect time to give kids this opportunity. I especially love the value creating a homemade give adds to the experience. I've seen how the time, thought, and effort my children put into their gifts makes them especially excited about giving them. They become so focused on the gifts they're creating that they don't have much time to think about all the things they want. Be sure to check out more ideas on gifts that kids can make and give HERE.

Didn't these turn out so cute?

This is the perfect project to use up small scraps of scrapbook paper, or digital designs can easily be printed and used. I cut out strips of paper that were five inches long and 3/4 inch wide. The corners were then rounded, which was the perfect task for my four year old to help with.

We then folded the bookmarks in half and applied magnetic tape to the inside. I LOVE this ultra thin magnetic tape. I always have some on hand. It comes in handy for so many things and works perfectly for these bookmarks so they don't end up too bulky. You can see the bottom portion of the magnetic tape is slightly off center. This is so the magnets will line up evenly when closed. Experiment with the magnets you use so that they will be sure to close correctly.

To gift the bookmarks we packaged them together on a card with a quote at the bottom.

For my daughter we stuck with a Paris/music theme. For the boys we did Harry Potter and Star Wars.

I love the subtle Harry Potter hint these digital papers give. I probably could have easily come up with some wise words from Dumbledore or a found a great quote from JK Rowling to add to the bottom of the packaging but instead picked a quote that I thought my kids would love the most. Even though the quote doesn't really fit with the theme I knew my 10 year old would get a kick out of this one. Sticking with the Harry Potter theme though I used a free font called Harry P found on

This last one is for my Star Wars obsessed seven year old. Again, the quote isn't Star Wars related but he'll love it. I used the font called Star Jedi found on

My four year old especially loved clipping each bookmark onto the cards. She helped me wrap them up, complete with lots of pretty Christmas bows and put them under the tree. Her book obsessed siblings are going to love these bookmarks. I have a feeling they'll get a lot of use.

Find more gift ideas that kids can make HERE.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Our youngest sister lives up in Alaska with her little family.  Their winters are long and cold so for Christmas I sent them a "Baby, It's Cold Outside!" package to help them survive the winter.  

I included things like a movie (so they could cuddle up together at home) and some hot chocolate (to warm them up).  My favorite addition to the package was a snowman kit!

I scoured our local thrift shop and found this fun, colorful crocheted scarf.  Another option would be to make a simple scarf out of fleece.  I found a carrot nose at Hobby Lobby in the floral section.  The hat was constructed of stiff felt, a ribbon, and hot glue.

For my snowman's buttons I found some brightly colored ones (to go along with the scarf) and glued golf tees to the back.  This allows them to be pushed in to the snow and (hopefully) stay put!

I did the same thing to some small stones (for his smile) and larger stones (for his eyes).  You could also attach a tee to the bottom of your top hat so that it will stay put!

I had a great time putting together this little snowman kit--and hopefully they've had just as much fun building snowmen with it!