Monday, February 1, 2016

Deluxe Fort Kit

My kids love building forts.  Like every. single. day.  They never get tired of it.  I even had to put a ban on fort building a little while back because their forts were getting massive and out of hand and messy.  I know I'm such a party-pooper mom!

Several years ago for Christmas Jeanine gifted our family some fort kits that she put together with sheets, clothes pins, and glow sticks.  These kits have been the best!  I mean really awesome.  With the rate that my kids build forts these kits have been a life saver.  It's so nice to have a bunch of large sheets that the kids can do whatever they want with and then when they're done they can just fold them up and put them back it the fort bag--and I don't have to worry about having to wash the sheets because they're going to go on someones bed the next day.

Not too long ago I was chatting with some moms and fort building came up.  The fact that building forts creates a mess of blankets and sheets is never fun for a mom.  I shared with them about our fort kits and they all loved the idea.

A few months ago I spied these cute sheets at Target for an incredible price and thought, "Those look like really cute fort building sheets." I grabbed a couple sets and made some fort kits for my sister-in-law and her family for Christmas this last year.  I love that the sheets come in their own little bag--it's perfect for packing and storing all the fort kit supplies.

I sewed some ribbon onto the sheets at each corner and then also at the center points of each edge.  This way the sheets can be tied to chairs, bed posts, railings--whatever's convenient for making your fort.  I used a lit match to seal the ends of each of the ribbons so they won't fray.

Sheets complete with ribbons for tying, clothes pins for connecting blankets/sheets together (sometimes my kids like to clip them to the inside "roof" of their fort and pretend they're bats) and glow sticks for lighting up a dark fort = the perfect combination.

I also created some little tags to attach to the fort kit bags to give the kit a finished look.

Do you have fort builders at your house?
I love to hear about the messiest fort your kids have made!

Feel free to copy and print my fort kit tags below.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Felt Tool Set (Free Pattern Included)

Remember these . . .

If you've been hanging around Serving Pink Lemonade long enough you'll remember when I made my felt tool set years ago.  I made them for my oldest son when he was little but they're having a second go around now with my four year old.  This kid is my handy man.  He loves anything to do with tools, construction work, and trucks.  He loves this tool set and I love that I don't have to worry when he hammers the wall or saws my kitchen table because they're made out of felt and super soft.  It's a win-win!

Browsing around Pinterest I came across my pattern made into a quiet book page--which is so perfect because I don't think you can find a quieter set of tools.  This set would also make a fun homemade gift for a first or second birthday.

Find the instructions and template to make your own felt tools HERE.

And the toolbox?  HERE.

Happy crafting!

Monday, December 28, 2015

General Conference board October 2015

Earlier in the year I shared my General Conference Quote board that I have hanging in my home.  Well, in October I updated it to display quotes from the most recent General Conference.  I found (and pinned) most of my quotes on Pinterest.  (You can find all the ones I pinned HERE.)

However, some of the quotes that really stood out to me I couldn't find (or the orientation was wrong to fit into my board) so I created them myself.  This time around I made each print 7.25"x8".  This allowed for a total of 15 quotes.  Today I'd love to share my printables with you!

I have loved having these quotes hanging in our home and watching my boys stop to read them or comment that they remember a particular talk!  And I would love to see your conference quote board!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Crossing Guard gifts

You wouldn't think the winters here in the desert get too cold . . . but I sure feel bad for our crossing guards--especially when the wind blows!  Brrrr!  As a token of our gratitude we wanted to give a little gift to each of them for Christmas.  I decided that hot chocolate with some little extras would be just the thing.  I tied up a few packets of hot chocolate along with some mini marshmallows, mints, and paper straws all with baker's twine.  Then we loaded everything into a brown paper sack (my favorite, simple wrapping) and added a cute gift tag (found here) with some more baker's twine.

Super simple and much appreciated!

Monday, December 14, 2015

DIY Personalized Teacher Stationary

I love getting my children's teachers personalized gifts.  I think they're so fun and, well . . . personalized!  I've done clocks, candy jars, vases, notepads, and stationary. I have to admit that in the past I've spent way too much money on personalized stationary.  Last year after receiving my beautiful order of personalized note cards in the mail I looked and them and thought, "I can totally do this myself for a fraction of the cost," and so this year I did.

I purchased some blank note cards and envelopes at Michael's.  A pack of eight cost me about $1. I also purchased some apple clip art on Etsy for about $1 as well.

I designed my cards in a good ol' Word document.  I couldn't decide which look I liked better so I did them both--four of each.

I then printed them off and loved how they turned out . . . crisp, clean, and school-y.

Making this personalized stationary myself was definitely a more cost effective way to go.  I know my kids teachers write so many notes throughout the year, so hopefully this comes as a practical gift that they will readily use.

I bundled the note cards together with a gift card to the teachers favorite restaurant and a thoughtful note that my children wrote to their teachers.  My kids are excited to deliver their gifts this week.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Teacher gift

I often struggle with ideas of what to give to my kid's school teachers.  Every few years I remember this simple idea: a decorative towel and hand soap. Two things that just about everyone can use. If you have a little bit of extra time to spare you can whip up an embellished towel with some of your fabric scraps.  I use this tutorial.

And along with a gift to any teacher I have my child write a thoughtful note and/or draw a picture.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gifts Kids Can Make: Magnets

This is a super easy gift idea that even your smaller kids can make: Magnets!  My boys have some magnet boards in their rooms so I had my youngest boy make some magnets that they could use to hang their artwork.  We ran to Hobby Lobby and I let him pick out some of the pre-painted wood pieces.  He really put a lot of thought into each one.  We also decided to get a bag of the polished stones.  (Buttons would also be a really fun option!)  

We later hot glued some strong magnets to each item.  Like I said, super simple but something my son was really proud of and excited to give!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gifts Kids Can Make: Dad T-shirt

Finding something for my boys to make for their brothers is one thing . . . but making something for adults is another thing entirely.  

My husband is always needing t-shirts.  He especially loves the ones that our boys help design.  So for Christmas I enlisted the aide of my boys in making a new t-shirt for Dad.  First we made a freezer paper stencil (see Amy's tutorial here) for our design on the front.  After I ironed it on each of the boys helped paint.  After peeling the paper off it looked like this:

As much as I loved the front of the shirt the back ended up being my favorite part!  Each of the boys used my fabric markers to draw themselves and write their name.  It is a fun little keepsake of both their handwriting and artistic abilities!