Monday, April 13, 2015

Mini "treat-yo-self" Birthday Package

Do you watch Parks and Recreation? Me too.  Funniest show ever.  Laugh out loud funny.  I mean something has to be really funny to make me laugh out loud--I don't give my laughs away easily--but Parks and Rec does it for me every time.  Hi-lar-i-ous.  If you watch it too I'm sure you understand why I'm broken hearted that the series is over.

As my sisters and I were brainstorming what to get our youngest sister, Rachelle, for her birthday I started thinking that what she might enjoy most for her birthday was to treat herself to something.  Then it hit me.  She needed a "treat yo self" birthday package.  If you're familiar with Parks and Rec then you know all about treat-yo-self.  Once a year Tom and Donna dedicate a day to treating themselves--like over the top treating themselves.

I mean who doesn't love to treat themselves.  And what better thing for the birthday girl to do.

Of course we don't have a Tom and Donna treat-yo-self budget but I still think we put together a pretty good package.

Of course the birthday girl should take herself to lunch so we got her a gift card to one of her favorite places, Subway.  And she'll want to wear something pretty on her special day so we got her a new necklace.  Rachelle is our flower sister, she loves flowers, so I thought this cute necklace was perfect.  Later in the day she might want to relax and give herself a pedicure or paint her nails so we threw in some new nail polish.  Birthday's always call for a special sweet treat too and since Rachelle is our health nut sister we got her a bag of dark chocolate honey mints from Trader Joe's--an extra special treat since she doesn't live anywhere near Trader Joe's.  Poor girl.

Put all together I think it makes for a pretty great treat.  We sure hope she likes it.

Now to pack it up and ship it off so it will be there in time for her special day.

Happy birthday Rachelle!

Feel free to use our little printable to your hearts content.
(Click on image to enlarge, right click, copy, and paste in a word document to print.)
And don't forget to take some time to treat yo self.  I think we all need a treat sometime.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Recycled Train

The other day when my two oldest were at school and the baby was napping I decided my three year old and I needed to spend a little one-on-one time together doing something special.  It isn't that often that we do crafts so we pulled out the paints and some recyclable items and make this cute little choo-choo train.

This little guy loves to paint!  He was in heaven.  He had so much fun picking out what colors he wanted to use to paint his egg carton, and then when he was all done, mixing all the colors on his paint-pallet-plate together.

Once everything was painted we placed a toilet paper tube at the front to make a smoke stack with some cotton (or smoke) coming out of the top.  He was so pleased with his special creation that he made all by himself and we had so much fun spending time together.  It was time well spent.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Chore Chart

I don't know about your kids but mine hate chores.  We've tried lots of different ideas but our kitchen chore chart has been the most successful and long lasting.  I can't claim coming up with it though.  Amy and I grew up with a chart similar to this hanging on our fridge--so the credit goes to our amazing mother.

Every Monday morning we rotate our jobs.  When someone complains, "I hate (fill in the job)" I can happily tell them, "Well, next week you won't have to do it!"  Recently we decided that Mr. H (who is 3 1/2) can help with the chores now.  Since we only had three jobs on our chart I needed to make a new, updated chore chart.

If you would like to make one it's super easy!  All you need are 2 long envelopes (sealed and cut in half), some 4 x 6 index cards, and a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock.  I trim my envelopes down to 4 x 3.75.  These make a nice little pocket for your name cards! I also trim my index cards to better fit into the pockets.  After finding the clipart that I like I print it on to my envelopes.  After gluing the envelopes onto your cardstock, insert your index cards with names on them.  Easy cheesy.

I'd love to hear what kinds of things you with chores at your house!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Simple and Healthy Dr. Seuss Lunch

Dr. Seuss and his books are much loved in our home.  We've made it a family tradition to celebrate his birthday on March 2nd each year.  I find celebrating Dr. Seuss is a fun and magical part of childhood.  My kids won't be little forever and this is a simple way to make it memorable. (To see how we've celebrated in years past click here.)
This year I came up with a simple lunch to surprise my kids with in their school lunch boxes on Monday.

To make these Cat in the Hat string cheeses I simply used a black and red sharpie marker and drew right on the plastic wrapper.

For these "hop on pop-corn" bags I put together this little printable and printed them off onto wax paper bags that I have left over from another project.  (Find printable image at end of post.)

 This cutie Lorax came together quickly with two googly eyes and a felt mustache. 

I can't wait to pack my kids lunch on Monday.  I hope they get as much of a kick out of their Dr. Seuss lunch as I had making it.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Kid Approved Coconut Lime Gummies

Homemade fruit snacks, or gummies as we like to call them at our house, are a very popular treat.  I've experimented with quite a few recipes over the years but the lemon ones have been a consistent favorite.  That is until we tried these coconut lime gummies. They were a hit with everyone in our home.  Even my pickiest eater loved them.  I love their unique flavor.  Mildly sweet and a little bit tangy. They have just the right subtle combination that we just can't get enough of.

To continue reading and get the recipe visit my food blog Nourishing Bites.

Monday, February 2, 2015

A-MAZE-ING Valentines! (Printable Included)

I have so much fun helping my school aged kids come up with fun valentines to share with their classmates each year.  The challenge I like to give myself (weather it be Valentine's, Halloween, Christmas, or any holiday) is to come up with something that's doesn't involve candy.  I spied this idea over at Pinching Your Pennies and I loved it so much that I decided to create something similar.  What I love most about this valentine is that it isn't mushy.  I mean what third grader wants to tell each of their classmates that they love them?  Telling them they are amazing though is something everyone loves to hear!

I picked up these heart mazes at Michael's. They were on sale making a bag of 18 under $2.  I love that there is blue and red so the boys don't get stuck with a girly color.

It only took a few minutes to make up this quick printable.  We printed them out in several different colors for variety.

It didn't take long to cut them out and fill in the "To" and "From".

We then packaged them in cute little baggies to keep them contained--and because everything is more fun when it comes in a cute little baggie!

Want to make your own?  Feel free to use my simple printable below.  Simply click on image to enlarge, right click, copy, paste into a word document and adjust sizing.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Gifts Kids Can Make: Samples of Why We Love You!

The Christmas season is long gone but I wanted to share one more gift idea that kids can make.  It's so much fun to see the joy on my children's faces as they make gifts and get so excited to give them away.  When someone asked my six year old what he was most excited about for Christmas last month I'm sure you can imagine how trilled I was when I heard him say, "Giving gifts!"  Yeah!  My kids are getting it!

My children worked together to make this fun little book for their grandparents (inspired by this post) but it could make a great gift for just about anyone.  These would be perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day (celebrated on the the first Sunday after Labor Day annually), to cheer up a friend, or just for no reason at all.

First we gathered up some old paint samples.  I thought these ones were really fun with the little square cut-out at the bottom.

We made a cover for our book by printing "Just a few samples of why we love our Grandma and Grandpa!" and then cut it out to match the size of our paint samples.  We also cut out a little square at the bottom like in the paint samples.  The back page was blank except for a heart sticker that we placed where the square cut-out would be.

Stacked all together it looked like this.  I love how the little heart pops through all the pages.

We then punched a hole in the upper corner of each page and tied it together with some ribbon.  My kids had fun filling out a page or two about why they love their grandparents.  We made sure to use my Slick Writers so their words and pictures wouldn't smear.  Everyone had so much fun working on it together.  I think it made a sweet gift.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Reviewing 2014

We're still at it!  Fall 2014 marked our six year anniversary at Serving Pink Lemonade!  Even with the busyness of our growing families (Jeanine and I both added baby girls to our families last year) we still find the time to share our crafty ideas here because we love it so much.  Below is a combination of our favorite/most popular posts of 2014.