Monday, February 9, 2009

Foam Bath Dolls

My daughter has been telling me for a while now that she needs more bath toys . I hate having the tub cluttered with too many toys though. That's why I came up with these foam bath dolls.

What you need:
Foam sheets (I picked up a pack at the dollar store.)
Permanent marker

After printing out the patterns I placed them on top of the foam and traced around the pattern with a mechanical pencil that didn't have any lead. This left an indent it the foam and then I could easily cut them out.

I made two dolls, two sets of hair, two dress, a shirt, pants, and a bathing suit (upon my daughters request).

I then added a face to the dolls with a permanent marker and they were ready for play.

My daughter was so excited to help me make the dolls. After I had the first doll and dress cut out she was ready to take them to the tub. "Don't you want hair and a face first?" I said. She responded by saying, "No thank you. I just want to take a bath now." I did make her wait until we were done though. Delayed gratification is good for kids right? Needless to say she loves her new bath dolls. So fun!

With a little bit of water they stick right to the wall of the tub.


  1. Amy,
    I didn't even know you had this blog. It is darling. I love all of your ideas. I'm glad you have a way to share.

  2. Amy, this site is FABULOUS!! So glad you're sharing the love! Can't wait to try some of your super fun ideas!!

  3. Okay, you are my hero. Seriously. I've been racking my brains trying to come up with things Garrett and I can do while we're inside together, so these ideas from you are a godsend. I look forward to trying them out!

  4. Thanks for sharing your great ideas! I knew your sister Jeanine in jr high and high school and saw her post about your blog.

    This morning my 2 year old daughter had "sink time" and she just loved it. What a cute idea. I will be checking back to see your new ideas. love it, thanks!

  5. I love this idea. I will have to make these for my daughter too.

  6. Here are the ones I made for my daughter.

  7. Ooo I love foam pictures in the bath. We've done shapes but not made dress up dolls- great idea!

  8. Amazing! I have some craft foam that my mil gave me recently and I didn't know what I was going to do with it until now.
    Thank you!

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