Monday, April 20, 2009

Pinocchio Bananas

Earlier this week my daughter asked if she could have a banana for a snack. I thought that was a good choice since our brown bananas needed to be eaten--and because I don't eat brown bananas. As she was peeling the banana it broke off and fell on the table. It was a very tragic moment accompanied by a few tears. My daughter only likes to eat her banana while holding the peel. I was afraid this banana might go to waste. No way was I going to eat that brown banana. But with some quick thinking we created Pinocchio bananas with a little chocolate syrup and a toothpick. And like magic the tears went away and the banana got eaten up.

Phew! No brown bananas for me.


  1. thats awesome! and so yummy to i bet. good thinking:)

  2. Amy, you are great. I'm so glad Olivia went for it. (I don't think Jacob would have.) You are a creative mom.