Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stuffed Easter Eggs

The last thing my kids need for Easter is more candy. I've stocked up on the large Easter eggs to fill them with goodies instead. Last year I filled them with packages of fruit snacks, stickers, small toys, and these little cuties from Ikea--

Since my daughters favorite toy from Christmas last year was the polly-pocket from her aunt, this years Easter eggs are going to have these inside--

So much more fun than candy--and lasts longer too.



  1. I love doing this... I got some finger puppets from Ikea to put in their eggs this year. And I always put fruit snacks in some.

  2. Jeanine-
    I saw those Ikea finger puppets. They are so cute. I want to buy some but I keep resisting because we already have so many.

  3. I just have to say...I LOVE THIS SITE!!! I found it through one of my friends and I love love love all of your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Please don't stop. :)