Monday, May 25, 2009

Spectacular Stamps

Quite awhile ago my son got a free stamp in the mail. The only stamp pad I have is a really pale blue so it wasn't too fun for him to play with. When he asked about it again I decided to buy some more stamp pads. When I got to the craft store all their stamps were 50% off (I love Hobby Lobby!)... so I let him pick out a few stamps as well.

At home we got out some scrap paper and I let him go at it. He had a blast stamping! Then I showed him how to make fingerprints. He thought that was really cool.

And for younger kids, I'd recommend Crayola's Tadoodles.

These are the coolest little stampers. My boys have a great time stamping away and I don't have to worry about ink getting all over their hands or my house!


  1. We have the very same Nicholas stamp. :) After your post, I'm getting excited for Garrett to be old enough to enjoy using it.

  2. I love the finger print picture. I am going to do that with my kids. Thanks for so many fun ideas. Emily

  3. That is so cute. I love the finger print pictures.

  4. Thank you for such fun ideas. I had forgotten we had stamp pads and my kids loved this activity today. I really love your blog! I saw you featured on Sugardoodle several weeks ago. You have such fun, simple, creative ideas! Thank you again!

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