Monday, June 15, 2009

A few more . . .

I'm sure you're all very tired of all this white board/magnetic stuff by now, but I just had to share a few more things.

I recently found this site. I think it is a little gem. It has links to Bible flannel board stories that you can print out. The bonus is that they're already colored. My favorite! We've enjoyed using them on our magnet board for Family Home Evening lessons.

Also . . .

We subscribe to the Friend Magazine. Over the past few years we've come across these stories that we've enjoyed using in FHE too.

Lehi's Vision

Have Fun!


  1. I love the magnet board ideas. I am using a lot of the ideas on our plane ride. Thanks for posting.

  2. I thought I'd share a twist on your idea...To get Emily more involved in family home evening I decided she'll pick the song so I printed out some pictures that go along with a few primary songs and stuck magnets on the back. Now ever FHE she pulls a song out of the bag and posts in on our board. Thanks for the good ideas!

  3. Amber, I love that idea for the FHE songs. My boys would love that!