Monday, June 8, 2009

Magnet Board Stories/Songs/Activites . . .


Get ready for a really long post . . .

The following are some of the activities we do on our magnet board. Sorry I can't show them all. That would be too exhausting. I have way too many of these things. Mostly because I'm crazy and always get carried away when I start something. My daughter and I love to pull out these activities out on a cold gloomy day in the winter or on a rainy day in the spring.

Letter People
These letter people are just daring. I found them here. You can print them out in color or in black and white. I'll be honest. I love that they're already colored. It saved me so much time . . . and bruises on my hands. I don't know why but I always get bruises when I color. I guess I need to loosen the grip . . .

I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

We all know this one. Find it here.

Sorry I don't have a link for this one that you can easily print out. I just made it up. I made the "pool" into a pocket so the frogs can jump inside.
My daughter loves it.

At The Zoo
I thought these animals were so darn cute that I had to find something to do with them.
Here's a little story that fit perfectly:

At the Zoo
Once there was a monkey who climbed out of his tree one day and looked around. He decided that there would be more animal friends to see if he went to the ZOO so off he went. The first animal he saw was a bear. He said Mr. Bear, which way to the Zoo. The bear said I DON'T KNOW. Let us ask Mr. Zebra.  The bear and the monkey went to the zebra and asked. Mr. Zebra which way to the Zoo? I don't know, lets go ask . . . . elephant, lion, snake, etc.  At the end they all go to the wise old owl. Mr. Owl which way to the zoo they all ask.? The owl replies "silly animals you are already at the zoo!"

Five Little Apples
I just can't get enough of these cute animals.

Five little apples hung on a tree...
The farmer didn't care
So guess who came to eat?
Four little apples hung on a tree...
The farmer didn't care
So guess who came to eat?
Three little apples hung on a tree...
The farmer didn't care
So guess who came to eat?
Two little apples hung on a tree
The farmer didn't care
So guess who came to eat?
One little apple hung on a tree
The farmer didn't care
So guess who came to eat?
Now the tree is bare
There are no more apples there
But when next fall comes around
Guess who'll be there?
and the SHEEP

I got the ducks from here again.

Five Little Monkeys
I found my monkey here.

The Mouse And The Apple 
This one is a little story called "The Mouse and the Apple"-by Stephen Butler
I found the animals at
One day MOUSE saw a lovely ripe apple on the apple tree. It was red and shiny, and it looked delicious. Mouse waited for the apple to fall.
Along came HEN.
Hello, Mouse! What are you doing?
I am waiting for the apple to fall, said Mouse.
That is a good idea, said Hen hopefully. I will wait with you.
So Mouse and Hen waited for the apple to fall.
Along came GOOSE.
Hello, Mouse! Hello, Hen! What are you doing?
We are waiting for the apple to fall, said Hen.
Apples are my favorite, said Goose greedily. I will wait with you.
So Mouse, Hen and Goose waited for the apple to fall.
Along came GOAT.
Hello, Mouse! Hello, Hen! Hello, Goose!
What are you doing?
We are waiting for the apple to fall, said Goose.
I love apples, said Goat hungrily. I will wait with you.
So Mouse, Hen, Goose and Goat waited for the apple to fall.
Along came COW.
Hello, Mouse! Hello, Hen! Hello, Goose!
Hello, Goat!
What are you doing?
We are waiting for the apple to fall, said Goat.
I was just thinking about apples, said cow, licking her lips. I will wait with you. So Mouse, Hen, Goose, Goat and Cow all waited for the apple to fall.
They waited. And they waited. And they waited.
Mouse waited patiently, but Cow, Goat, Goose and Hen soon grew restless. They thought up ways to make the apple fall.
I will fly up and knock it down, said Hen and she ran towards the tree, flapping her wings. But she tripped and fell on her beak with a bump.
I will honk it down, said Goose. He opened his beak wide. Honk! Honk!
Honk! But the apple didn't move.
I will butt it down, said Goat. He ran at the tree and butted it as hard as he could. But the apple didn't budge.
I have got a good idea! cried Cow. She jumped up and down on all four hoofs. The tree trembled and the apple began to quiver.
Everybody jump! cried Cow, jumping up and down. Goat jumped up and down. Goose jumped up and down. Hen jumped up and down.
The tree shook and the apple wobbled, but still the apple did not fall.
Meanwhile, Mouse waited patiently.
Let's go, said Cow grumpily. That apple is probably rotten anyway.
Or sour, said Goat.
Or hard, said Goose.
Or soft, said Hen.
Now only Mouse was left. All of a sudden the shiny red apple fell to the ground with a plop!
It wasn't rotten or sour or hard or soft. It was the crunchiest, sweetest, most delicious apple Mouse had ever tasted!

Five Little Monkeys
And last but not least "five little monkeys swinging from a tree".

You probably can't see it in the picture but all the monkeys have a paper clip on them. I put a magnet on the back of the alligator so that you can . . .

"snap that monkey right out of the tree".
Yes, it's so much fun. I found it here.

See. Told you it would be L O N G.

Find more of my magnet board activities here!



  1. YEA!!! I'm so glad you posted all of these! I have some of them but am excited to do the others (like the old lady who swallowed a fly... william will LOVE it!)

  2. Wow, Amy that's awesome! I'll have to try some of those!

  3. Cuteness! It makes me want to have someone to make them for!

  4. I'm going to print some of those out too. Do you laminate them all too?

  5. I love them!! Thank you so much for the idea and pictures. I've been looking for a gift that is not just a toy. Two additional ideas... 1) you can also use an old cookie sheet for the magnet board. 2) You may also use magnet paper to print on. It's pretty expensive, but I think it may be worth it for something like the letter people. Here's a link so you can see the magnet paper.

    1. I do have a packet of magnet paper, but I agree that it's a bit pricey. In fact, for that reason, I've been hestitant to use it at all!) I did purchase a Groupon from Vistaprint, though, and uploading my projects as .jpg files for them to print as "car magnets" seems like it might be more economical than printing to magnet paper myself. Just another idea!

  6. The Lewis Family-
    Yes, I laminate everything. I'm kind of a laminate junkie.

    Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. I love the gift idea.

    1. Okay, first, I love these ideas! We have a magnet board on the wall of our play-and-learn room but have yet to create actual activities for it! Since you obviously don't print on magnet paper, do you just glue magnet coins or strips to the back? Is there a glue you find sticks well to laminated surfaces? (So far, what I have has been an epic fail at that.)

    2. I like using magnetic tape to put on the back. You can find it at craft stores or on amazon:

  7. I just LOVE all of your ideas!!! I'm so glad my friend sent me a link to your blog.

  8. I love all the ideas you have here. I am waiting to get my magnet board come July so hopefully I can get some of these done before then. (I found you through Lori!)

  9. How fun!! The magnetic tape is amazing, I must get some. Thank you so much for putting links to all the print outs. I think this would be such a great thing to pull out while I'm making dinner for the kids to play on the refrigerator. I've put you as a favorite site on my blog, Thank you for your fun ideas!

  10. Wow! These are great. I wish I had them when I was teaching pre-school and Kindergarten.

  11. wow this is so smart thank you so much for your inspiration.. i became a follower of your blog today..
    I love the magnet stories!

    do you print on cardstock or regular paper? then you laminate? then add tape magnet to the back?? (just trying to figure out how u did it)

  12. I made these for my kids and nephew for Christmas. I found a Magnent Canvas (about 8 1/2 x 11) at Joanns for 2.99. It is flexible and works great as a protable board to play with these on!

  13. These are so adorable!! I have wanted to do this for a long time, but it just feels like so much work! How long did it take you to make them all?

    I made some with my Cricut for the Baby Bumblebee song, you can see them on my blog if you want.

    Great Job, looks like so much fun for your kids!

  14. So do you print all of these on magnet paper?

  15. Heather B, we just print on regular cardstock, laminate and use some magnetic tape on the back.

  16. Oh love all of these - I will have to get printing - I will share your link over at Kreative Resources! :)

  17. So awesome of you to share- so great!! I'm a new follower and I pinned this so I don't forget to make some of these for my little man. :)

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  18. How do you get the animals you love so much to print?

    1. Just right click on the image and save or copy.

  19. I don't know about you but once I start singing there was an old lady... I can't get it out of my head! We included your post @ theclassroomcreative Summer Reading Activities. Hope you're enjoying your summer- Karen & Nicolette

  20. Do you laminate and then cut out or do you cut out and then laminate? How does the lamination hold up if you cut it? Since it's laminated do you need cardstock or is normal printer paper ok?

    1. Stacie,
      I cut them out and then laminate. It seems to hold up best that way. Sometimes I use card stock and sometimes normal printer paper. Whatever you prefer for the project. I probably doesn't matter that much if it's being laminated.

  21. Hi I was wondering if you can tell me where you found the bed for the five little monkeys?
    Thank You for sharing.

    1. Sorry, it's been so long I don't remember. I would suggest doing a google search for "bed clip art" and I'm sure you'll find something great.

  22. Hi,your DIY stuff really great~!
    Do you paint the animal yourself after print out? or u print out with color?

  23. Do you have the outline for the woman who swelled a fly? One that can be colored by students?

  24. Super cute! Do you have the outline for the woman who swallowed a fly that students could color on their own?

  25. I love the letter people. Is there a way to print more than one on a page so I don't waste paper or laminating sheets?