Monday, July 13, 2009

Recycled Crafts

My mom was here for a few weeks to help with my boys after I had my baby. She did so many fun things with them! A few times she helped them make a few crafts out of "trash"... and they had a blast!

First they made a caterpillar.

Items needed:

empty egg carton
pipe cleaners
google eyes

1. Cut egg carton in half.

2. Cut pipe cleaners to desired length. Insert them into one end and bend to look like feelers.

3. Draw on face (glue google eyes on if desired).

4. Decorate as you choose.

Next, my mom saved some toilet paper rolls. She helped the boys to cover them with construction paper. Then they decorated the rolls with foam stickers. Pretty simple but the boys loved their telescope/megaphone!

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