Monday, November 30, 2009

Displaying your little artist's work

I never know what to do with my kids art. It fills up my fridge way too fast--and it's always falling off. My laundry room is tiny so I thought I could brighten it up by displaying their art on the walls in there. It worked great for a little while but then, with the moisture and humidity, the tape lost it's stick and the pictures were always falling down. So I came up with another solution . . . so far it's working great!

Items needed:

thick ribbon
clothes pins
hot glue

First I got some clothes pins and had my boys paint them.

I then figured out how long I wanted the ribbon to be and how far apart I wanted the clothespins spaced out. After hot gluing them I attached a ribbon at the top to act as hanger.

I think that if I had more wall space I would have glued the clothespins horizontally in order to be able to hang more pictures up. Just experiment around with what works best for you!

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