Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Kiss Treasure Hunt and Heart Scavenger Hunt

These are some ideas for the treasure hunt and scavenger hunt mentioned here.

Big Kiss Treasure Hunt

My boys had a blast doing this treasure hunt! I think I need to do them more often!
Depending on the age of your children you can do the clues different ways. If they are really young just keep it simple: "Look in the place that we keep our shoes" or "I keep things cold" or "This is where Dad takes showers". For your more advanced treasure hunters you could get creative as well. Here are some of the clues that I used:

Do you believe in magic wishes?
Head to the place that cleans your dishes.

Now I know that you're no fool,
This is where your drinks keep cool.

Maybe you have super powers
The next clue will be where Dad takes his showers.

Are you having fun with all these clues?
Look in a place that we keep shoes.

Now it's almost time to rest your head.
Look right inside the smallest bed.

At the end of the treasure hunt I had hidden a giant Hershey kiss. They are still talking about how much fun they had!

Heart Scavenger Hunt

Again, you can do this a few different ways. You can cut out paper hearts and hide them around the house and then tell the kids "There are 7 red hearts, 3 polka dotted, and 5 pink" etc. Or, if the weather is nice, you could do a hunt to find things in the shape of hearts (leaves, rocks, clouds, etc). I even found this cute idea. Have fun with it and get creative!


  1. This is so darling!! Lucy would die about it! I've got to make time to do it! Thanks for the great ideas, Amy and Jeanine!!

  2. What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing it! We do scavenger hunts on birthdays but I've never done one on Valentines. Thanks for posting the cute rhymes so I can look clever without all the work!

  3. We did this today and had so much fun. Thanks for sharing your clues. That made it so easy. My daughter couldn't figure out who had put these clues all over our house. It was quite mysterious.

  4. May I just say,
    This idea is fun!
    Now we need should try it,
    Each and every one!

    (Stinky poem, but I want you to know how great I thought your treasure hunt was!)

  5. This sounds like so much fun!!! Thanks for the great idea.