Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Is anyone else as happy as I am that Spring is here?

And it's here early this year . . .

I guess I have nothing to complain about . . .

I'm in the mood for some spring crafts.  Are you?

This fun spring kid craft helps you recycle too.

First you need to track down an old phone book or newspaper.

Pull out your markers and get coloring.

Trace and cut out different size circles.

Now this is the fun part . . . crinkle up your circles.

Then smooth out the circles and layer them on top of each other to make your flowers.

Happy Spring!


  1. super cute... and I have a ton of old phone books! perfect!

  2. I have an award for you

  3. This a great! I think I'll try this with the kids soon! Thanks so much for linking up on Craft Schooling Sunday, hope to see you again next week!

  4. Super fun activities on your site. We especially liked the Telephone Book Flowers. We shared it on our site at

    all the best,
    Sherry + Wendy @ Kiboomu

  5. I love the end result, beautiful flowers. We just got more snow yesterday, so maybe we will try this to make it feel more like spring here!

  6. Very, very cute!!! I love this!!!