Monday, May 31, 2010

Magnet Board Continued . . .

Do you remember way back when, when I showed you my magnet board activities?  Well here's another one to add to the batch . . .

I started out by cutting up various shapes that I could assemble together to make a picture . . .

I then used the shapes to make different objects or scenes.  I took a picture of them with my camera and then printed them out to make these cards.

This is the fun part for the kids.  Using the picture cards to guide you, you can use the shapes to piece together the different objects.  All the pieces have magnetic tape on the back so they can go right up on our white board.


  1. I love your magnet Board ideas!!! I know you said you have more, keep them coming. Where do you take the pieces to get laminated?

  2. Violet-

    I get my things laminated at a local teacher supply store. I'm glad you like the magnet board ideas. I'll see if there are anymore that I can post.

  3. You are a genius. I am so far behind in my blog reading, and posting. But I saw this today and, well, you are a genius!!

  4. Wow I love these, thanks so much for sharing them, what about some car canvas ones?

  5. I remember using these magnet boards at school, so much fun we had pop art canvas ones too!

  6. Great, I love these magnetic boards! So many different types out and about but I like the car one.

    Simply Canvas Art

  7. What a great idea, must make some different shape ones and use the magnetic strip on them! I might get some pictures from to use!

  8. Fantastic article, I really enjoyed this!
    Jay @ canvas pictures