Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Book for Dad

While I was browsing around Darlybird one day I came upon these blank board books. I just had to have one! I knew just what I would do with it too--make a book for my husband for Father's Day!

Here are the supplies I used:
*scrapbook paper
*white printer paper
*mod podge

First I decorated the cover. I just used scrapbook paper and mod podged it to the front.

The boys and I had fun coming up with what to put on each page. Some pages I covered in colored paper but most I left white. If I didn't have a photo of the activity we were describing I had the boys draw a picture of it for me. Here is a sampling of some of our pages:

Normally, I'm all about printing my journaling in some cute font and color from the computer but I haven't had great luck with mod podging over computer ink. It tends to smear. Instead, I chose to hand write everything with permanent marker.

On one of the last pages I interviewed the two older boys about their dad (ie: What is dad's favorite color?  What do you like to do with dad? etc.)

For the back cover I cut traced and cut each of the boys hands out of scrapbook paper (which coordinated with what was on the front.

We'll find out Sunday if it's a success... but I have a feeling it will be!

p.s. I have since found blank board books for a cheaper price here.


  1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my tute over at Ucreate! This is such a cute Father's Day activity! I'm still stuck for ideas. :( It looks like you have some cute ones here, though. :)

  2. SO cute! The dad that gets this is a lucky one!

  3. So apparently your husband doesn't check in to see what's new on "serving pink lemonade" or you probably wouldn't have posted his present...;) Cute idea! I love it!!