Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maget Board Part III

Here's the last magnet board activity that I'll do for a while.

When my daughter was younger she had three little boats that she played with in the tub.  I made up this little song that I would sing as she played with the boats.  I just kind of randomly made it up--so no laughing :) . . .

Three Little Boats
(to the tune of Five Little Ducks)

Three little boats went sail-ing one day,
Over the waves and far away,
When the light house said come back, come back,
Only two little boats came sailing back . . .

(continue with two boats, one, and then none)

Hope you've enjoyed these.
For those of you who like the flannel board stories, I just found this great website called Make Learning Fun They have a whole list of flannel board stories that you can print out.  Looks like fun.  You can find them HERE.

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  1. LOVE the magnet board series-please do more! I'm making them for my almost 2 year old as you give me ideas. I'd love to see all of your magnets. Please keep the posts coming-I love your blog!!