Monday, November 15, 2010

Counting Bears

I bought some counting bears at our local teacher supply store thinking they would keep the boys busy on our trip this past summer.  Really they are great to have any day.  We can sort, count, add, subtract, teach color, graph, etc.  For the plane I made up little flash cards and put them on binder rings for each of the boys.  Some are easier (for my 3-year-old) and others a little more complex (for the 5-year-old).  This is what I came up with.

We still have fun with these bears and my 3-year-old especially loves to sort them and finish patterns.

My 18-month-old really loves them too.  He pulls them out of the closet and spends a good deal of time dumping the bears out and putting them into the cups.

Really, the possibilities are endless with these little guys!


  1. I given you an award! Check out at the link below:


  2. How cute. I haven't seen these bears before. I love it when one thing spans both kids. Make sit easier, until they want to play with it at the same time. ;-)

  3. Classrooms will have similar sets witht he variety of colours to appeal to the children.

  4. If you travel a lot, maybe you could make some felt bears that would stick to a book or something, so they won't fall off airplane trays and roll under the seat in front of you!

  5. Did your download get moved to another place? Would love to see the project! My littles LOVE our bears!!