Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gifts Kids Can Make: Tic-Tac-Toe

This year I decided that my kids would make the gifts that they gave to each other... rather then letting them pick something from the dollar store as I've done in the past.  Last Saturday my oldest and I had the morning and the house to ourselves so I decided to get started.  I suggested that he make his 3-year-old brother a tic-tac-toe game out of felt.  He (thankfully) jumped right on board.  First, we decided that it needed a pocket for the pieces to go into when they weren't playing.  We picked out our felt and I showed him out to hand stitch the pocket onto the back.  He caught on so quickly!

Next we cut out some fusible webbing to put on the under side of this piece.  This we did to fuse it to another square . . . just to give it a little more sturdiness.  He loved ironing it together.

Our next step was to cut out the board.  First, however, we adhered some fusible webbing to the underside.  Then we were able to piece our board together.

And finally we cut out our playing pieces . . . and played a few games.

My oldest is super proud of what he made and really excited to give it to his brother on Christmas morning!


  1. That is so beautiful. It's lovely that you are teaching your son how to sew, iron, and more importantly be thoughtful and show your appreciation to people by spending the time to make a home made gift. You have every reason to be proud of the little fella, and he has every reason to be grateful that he has such a great Mummy!

  2. What a great idea!! I love doing homemade holidays :-)

  3. Love the homemade gift idea, even better that you son enjoyed creating it!

  4. Oh wow! Good job! Am impressed to see you got him sewing and ironing! Well, it is all worth it with such a brilliant result!

    Thank you for also linking this to Kids Get Crafty!! Fabulous to see you there!


  5. Great idea! I love this idea of having kids MAKE their gifts for each other. I'm going to have to tuck this idea away for next year with my girls!