Monday, February 28, 2011

Edible Snow

Our snow is long gone but before yours goes away as well I thought I would share how we had fun eating our snow!  After our first blizzard we scooped up some fresh snow for the boys and used some of our leftover snow cone syrup from the summer on top.  The boys thought it was awesome to have a real "snow cone"!


Later on we made some snow ice cream.  I have seen recipes all over the internet but didn't see this one (or have the chance to make it!) until after our fresh snow was gone.  Guess we'll just have to hope that it snows next winter!  One addition that we made was to sprinkle some Nesquik powder on top.  The boys thought it tasted even better with chocolate!

So those of you with a little bit of winter left go out and eat some snow! 


  1. we did "snow slushies" the other day too! we just used kolaid

  2. Ohhh, how I wish we got snow here to do that with!

  3. Yummy!!!
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  4. Looks very yummy, thanks! Check out my recent post @