Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Card Table Playhouses

My boys love forts and they'll use anything to make a little hideout for themselves.  Sometimes it's couch cushions, sometimes they use our fort kit and the kitchen chairs, and other times it's their bunkbeds and blankets.  There is just something about having a little secret place of your own!  And that's why I just love these playhouses from Miss Pretty Pretty!  You just slip them over your card table and you are good to go!
I know my boys would be in heaven with this Pirate's Hideout:

I just love that you can pick the veggies out of the garden!  Even better?  She sells patterns if you want to make your own!

And can I let you in on a little secret?  Head on over to She Wears Flowers for a chance to win a playhouse of your choice!  Seriously, what are you waiting for?!  I'm going to enter right now!  Good luck!


  1. Super adorable!!! Love that Pirate Ship and that it can all be folded up after play, even better! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You should try making your own! I made one for my boys for Christmas and it turned out SO cute! It took a lot of time but it wasn't too difficult! You can check it out here.

  3. I entered awhile ago... though Im tempted to make my own! They are so fun!!!

  4. I have loved these for a while! I've seen a bunch of cool ones out there. I love the pirate fort, too. I have it on my to make list, but it hasn't happened so far. Will go check out the other page...

  5. These are adorable, I have never seen them before! What a fantastic idea!

  6. I keep thinking it would be fun to make one that attaches to the boys bunk beds. Bunk beds make great hideouts. That pirate one is adorable.