Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Homemade popsicles

I don't know about where you live but it is HOT (112!!) here.  Summer is the perfect time for a cool treat.  We love to make our own sweet treats that are oh so easy.  We have some popsicle molds but many times we just use little paper cups (think: bathroom cups) and popsicle sticks.  But occasionally we don't have sticks . . . so we use old plastic baby spoons!

Then all we need is something to freeze.  Many times, if we have a little leftover smoothie I'll pour that into some cups to freeze.  Or sometimes we'll whip up some pudding and use it to make our own pudding pops.  YUM!

The last thing you'll need is some foil.  I always cover the cups with foil to keep the stick (or spoon) upright.

We love our homemade treats!  What are your favorite summertime snacks or popsicle recipes?



  1. Yummm, will you make me some?

  2. Heath... come to visit and I'll make as many as you want!

  3. Our favorite cold treat lately has been frozen grapes. My kids get excited about them like they would a popsicle. Funny how simply freezing fruit makes it a special treat.