Monday, August 22, 2011

ABC Flashcards

It's back to school time!  Time to start thinking about letters and numbers, reading and math . . .

Have you seen the Letter Factory flashcards that Jessica from Running with Scissors made?

Yes.  She drew these herself.  Isn't she amazing?  

And even more amazing she's sharing them with everyone.  That's right, just head on over to her blog and print out your own for free!  Isn't she so nice?

I have my copy all printed out and laminated.  I also made a set of upper and lower case letters to go along with our Letter Factory cards for playing all sorts of games.

 The Activity Mom also shares a bunch of fun ways to use your new Letter Factory flash cards with your kids.  Check her ideas out here.

 So . . . what fun games are you going to do with yours?  We'd love to hear.


  1. I love that you put the upper and lowercase letters on the back. Perfect!

  2. Those are gorgeous and what a good idea to put them on the back! Thanx for sharing! I love all things related to learning and especially for children. I hope to homeschool my children someday. : ) (when I have them)


  3. Such adorable drawings with the flash cards! Kids love them, I'm sure. :-)

  4. really cute idea, I have just discovered your blog and have been pinning your kids ideas like crazy! Thanks for all the inspiration.