Monday, August 8, 2011

Color Wheel

We love doing the summer reading program at our library every summer.  I love to see my kids reading books and working to earn something.  

To help my daughter earn her artist badge for this years summer reading program we read the book Color Chaos by Lynn Rowe Reed. 

After finishing our book we created our own color wheel.  I've been wanting to do this with my kids for a while and this was the perfect chance.  Colors are so fun to learn about and kids love to see how mixing them together result in new colors.

We started with our primary colors, red, yellow and blue.

We then mixed our primary colors to create our secondary colors, orange, green, and purple.

And then just for fun we talk about tints and shades and created different tints of red.

My kids loved making their color wheels and were so proud of the end results.  

What color activities have you done with your kids?


  1. How cute! Thanks so much for sharing!

    I'd love to have you visit our first linky party this Thursday! It's a party specifically for kids and teenagers craft and other ideas, so your idea will be absolutely perfect! Hope you'll stop by!


  2. This looks like so much fun. I love projects that teach kids about colors and mixing colors and this is perfect.

  3. Wonderful - your colour wheel looks fabulous and just a great way to explore colour mixing yourself!

    Thanks, as always, for linking up at Kids Get Crafty!!