Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY lacing cards

 At the beginning of October our church held its semi-annual General Conference--2 whole days of listening to inspiring and uplifting messages.  I love listening to Conference . . . but with 4 little boys in the house sometimes it's a challenge to actually get to sit and listen.  I try to come up with distractions for the boys that will allow us all to listen.  One of the things I came up with this year was lacing cards.  Mr. J has been bringing home lacing cards from school and loves to do them. 
Honestly, this was such an easy project that I don't know why I didn't think of it before!  First I got online and printed up several pictures of temples.  (I chose temples because I wanted something church related but you could do this for any picture . . . in fact, it might be fun to do pictures of extended family that your kids might not see very often or artwork from your own kids!)  After cutting and laminating them, I took my hole punch and punched holes around the edge.  I wasn't very exact . . . I just eye-balled it.  Then I looked in my ribbon stash for something to use as the lace.  I just tied it onto one corner and viola!  And just like that I had my own personal lacing cards.  I also ended up using some masking tape to tape the end of the ribbon to make lacing a little easier.

My older two boys loved this--and now I stash them in my Sunday bag to bring to church . . . a perfect quiet activity.


  1. I love your blog and all of the creative ideas you have. I am starting a blog myself and love if you would take a look and possibly follow it thank you so much, tara

  2. Such a great and easy idea! My granddaughter and her cousin will be here at Thanksgiving, so I've been keeping an eye out at the blogs I visit for things that they could do. This is perfect - thank you!

  3. Oh I forgot about this post! Love the idea...still! hee hee!