Monday, November 28, 2011

canvas + maps = art

Life has been a little busy here with a new baby, new house, and new church responsibilities!  I have been trying to decorate the house using as little money as possible which causes a challenge!  This project was inspired by Pinterest but I put my own twist to it.  For this project you only need a few things:

spray paint
mod podge

 Before you can get started you'll need maps.  I decided I wanted to have one where my husband and I met, the next where we married, and the last where we live now.  All the maps were free . . . you just have to hop onto that state's travel website and order travel information.  They always include a map.

Once I had my maps I was ready to go.  First I painted my canvas (with some leftover spray paint in my stash).  While I was waiting for those to dry I cut my maps into hearts.  I wanted to make sure they were all the same size so I found a template online and printed it to use for my maps.  

Now that my paint was dry I positioned my hearts onto the canvas.  I just eye-balled it but I think they came out pretty equal.  Then I mod podged them on . . . just a thin layer on the back of the map and a thin layer over the entire canvas.

That's it!  Ta Da!  Now I have something nice and meaningful to hang over our bed.  And since I had everything except the canvas on-hand (and I got those for 40% off) this artwork cost less than $10!