Monday, February 27, 2012

Homemade Gifts

Unintentionally this year  was the year of books and homemade gifts.  As I was making a picnic blanket for my sister's Christmas gift, W informed me that he wanted me to make something for him as well.  He gave me a few suggestions--an army guy or a ninja.  Hmmm.  
I've shared with you before that I like to buy sheets when they are on super sale and use the fabric for other purposes.  Over a year ago I bought some black sheets--perfect for making a ninja! 

Now, I admit, these ninjas are nothing to get excited about--the stitching is horrible, the stuffing is a little lumpy--but I'm happy with how they turned out.  I have learned that my boys would probably be excited about these for a few days and then forget about them so I wasn't going to waste time on perfection.  I ended up making 3 ninjas . . . one for each of the older boys.  Each one was unique--the sash was their favorite color and the eyes were different on each (to match the eyes of its owner!)  I had all of the supplies on hand: black bed sheets, felt, and stuffing!  Best of all?  The boys loved these!

Since I made ninjas for the older boys I couldn't leave out baby H!  I needed something for him as well.  So I decided to search pinterest for some ideas.  I found a ton of DIY mobiles.  I started off with one idea in mind and ended up with this:

Again, I had most supplies on hand.  All I had to pick up was an embroidery hoop.  Supplies included: embroidery hoop, yarn, felt, bakers twine, and a little bit of stuffing.

I love our little tradition of the boys making gifts for one another.  It keeps our house uncluttered with dollar store toys and makes it more exciting and meaningful for the boys when they give the gift.  This year my two big boys made pillowcases for each other.  They are both still too little to really use the sewing machine so I let them push the pedal while I guided the fabric.  They thought it was awesome!  Here is J with the pillowcase that he made for his big brother.

And here is the Scooby Doo pillowcase that was given to J from W.
These were a big, BIG hit!

I already shared what the big boys made for A over here.  Again--a big success!

Last Christmas the big boys made this giraffe for Mr. A . . . so as we discussed what to make for little H they decided that an elephant would be perfect!  We had the supplies on hand (fleece, fabric from a sheet, ribbon, and stuffing) and the boys had a great time taking turns sewing up and stuffing this little guy (the elephant, not the baby!)

I think the most fun we had making a gift was the one for Dad!  My husband is always good for a new t-shirt so when I found this tutorial on pinterest I knew we had to make it the minute I laid eyes on it.  She used paints but we used fabric markers which is much more kid friendly (and less time consuming!)

What are your favorite handmade gifts?


  1. Oh, I love the idea of my kids making stuff for each other. That seriously never occurred to me.

  2. These are all fantastic! And how wonderful to have your kids making gifts for one another!!!