Monday, April 23, 2012

Spy Party

Mr. J recently turned 5 so we threw a Top Secret Spy Party.  I scoured Pinterest for ideas but it seemed that most spy parties were thrown for older kids so I had to come up with a few of my own ideas as well!

I always like to have a little activity we can be doing while the rest of the guests arrive.  Since spies look for clues and fingerprints we got out our inkpads and let the kids make some artwork with their fingerprints!  

Next, we moved onto what turned out to be the hit of the party . . . laser beams.  I saw this idea here . . . but I don't have a hallway in my home (weird I know!) so we used the next best room.  The kids had a blast trying to get across the room without hitting the laser beams.  They also liked to see how fast they could get across.

This was so much fun (and easy!  all you need is some crepe paper and tape!)  that I'm going to file it away as a great rainy day activity. One of the moms even commented how she was going to go home and do this for her older kids.

J really wanted to do a "pinning" game . . . so we came up with Pin-the-glasses-on-the-spy.  Playing this with 5-year-olds was so much fun because they haven't quite figured out that you can feel for the paper to get a clue where you are.  Glasses were all over the wall.  J even ended up on a totally different wall--which had all the kids rolling with laughter.

The credit for the next game goes to my husband.  We played several rounds of "telephone."  But since this was a spy party we called it "secret code."  These little spies-in-training thought it was a hoot to see if their code got passed on correctly.

We played another classic party game--"button, button".  The spies had to use their skills in determining which of their friends had the button.

Our last game of the afternoon was hide-and-seek--perfect for little spies, right?

When they finally tired of hiding and seeking we had some cake!  This was, perhaps, my biggest challenge.  How do you make a spy cake?!  I determined that spies wear disguises which often include mustaches--so we had mini cupcakes with mustache toppers.  (The kids thought this was great . . . which was fantastic because they each got one in their goody bag!)

The goody bags were so much fun to put together!    We made a "super spy kit" which included: glasses, a mustache, a (water) gun, a spy notebook and crayons, a glow stick, and a finger "laser beam".  

Even after the guests left we had a great time playing "spies". 

Mr. J was super pleased with his party--score 1 for me!


  1. Very cool! I'd love to do this for when my little boy turns 6. Except he's insistant that he wants 'a wrestling party where boys bring their Daddy's to wrestle." What can I say, his request is too cute to refuse - even to a super spy party!

  2. Love your ideas! My son is having a spy party and I can't wait to try some of these! Thanks for sharing!