Thursday, June 28, 2012

Star Spangled Garland

I recently made a little patriotic garland for a friend.  It ended up being so easy to pull together that I made one for myself as well.  It is the perfect addition to my mantle for the upcoming holiday!

Do you want to make one for yourself?  It's super simple (an easy 10 minutes) and you probably have the supplies you need on hand-- bakers twine (I used red), felt (red, white and blue) and a big needle.

First I found a star shape that I could trace--I happened to have a cookie cutter just the right size--but you might find one online or just free hand it!  After tracing it onto the white I put the red felt behind so I could cut two out at once.

I then measured my twine and doubled it to add some weight.  Next, I added a little stitch to each star until I had them all strung together.  Easy as pie.

Hope you enjoy your 4th!

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