Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School Feast!

On Sunday we had our 3rd annual Back-to-school feast.  Every year, usually the night before school starts, we have a little "feast" and introduce a new school year theme for our family.  The boys work on the menu together and I make it "fancy".  "Fancy" around here mostly consists of a table cloth and some display of our theme.  Our theme this year is:  Choose The Right (or CTR).

The menu consisted of hamburgers, homemade fries, fresh fruit and veggies, and raspberry lemonade (recipe to come).

I even got ambitious and made felt crowns for each of the boys.  (Would anyone be interested in a simple tutorial?)

This is such a fun tradition for our family and the boys look forward to it every year.

Hopefully their enthusiasm carries throughout the school year and our theme gives us a good reminder to make good choices!

Do you have any back-to-school traditions at your home?


  1. What a sweet idea! It is fun to have family traditions :) I would welcome a crown tutorial. My Littles would like them very much!

  2. So awesome! My son is still under two but I am totally filing this away for the future--I can see it really getting my son excited for school. My Hubby is currently in school and now I wish I had done something like this in honor of him. He may be a grown adult but I swear he'd love it too--ok it is decided, I'm doing it-2 weeks late, but still!