Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Olympics

While the summer Olympics are going on I wanted to make sure that we celebrated!  In addition to watching events during the day and evening we held a "Family Olympics".  This is so simple to put together that you could do it in a matter of minutes--like I did!  After a nice healthy dinner we headed out back.  My husband had the boys warm up and stretch while I posted the signs of our events.

First up was basketball.  Since our kids are still little we just had them make a few baskets each.

Next event: Fencing.  

We have a plethora of light sabers at our house which is what we used for our swords but you could use sticks or wrapping paper tubes--anything works!  This ended up being J's favorite event.

One of the best things about our new home is the jungle gym in the back--and it made a perfect venue for our third event: gymnastics.

W showed us his skills at hanging upside-down.

And the boys loved doing their fancy jumps on the mini trampoline.

Our last event at home was track--my personal favorite (Amy and I both ran hurdles in high school).

We held a few different track events.  First was a race from one end of the yard to the next.  And since A was so sad about coming in dead last we had a relay--the two older boys were a team and A got paired with Dad which evened things up pretty nicely!

For our final event of the night we headed to the neighborhood pool.  

Usually when we head to the pool in the evening we have it all to ourselves.  Unfortunately there were several people swimming that night!  We adjusted our events and instead of swimming we did "diving".  After watching the men's diving events the night before the boys loved showing off their fancy dives.

After returning home we got in our jammies and held our medal ceremony.  Every boy got a gold medal (which my mom had given to me last summer and I miraculously still knew their location),  we sang the National Anthem, and had a special treat before heading to bed.

It was such a fun, low-key evening and everyone had a great time!  If you hold a Family Olympics we'd love to hear what events you compete in!


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  2. What a wonderful mom you must be. This is awesome. My kids would love it.