Friday, September 7, 2012

Simple Frame Makeover

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This is my latest dollar store project.  You just never know what little treasures that store is going to have.

I just couldn't resist this little easel when walking through the dollar store.  I thought it was so cute . . . and only $1 so I had no excuse.  I thought it would be the perfect thing to put in my kids room with a picture of them all together.  They are siblings, but I want them to be best friends too.

Next I needed a frame.  The dollar store has plenty of those too.   I thought this one had some potential. 

I spray painted it in a glossy white and love how it turned out.

This sweet little reminder of friendship now sits so nicely on the kids bookshelf.  Now to clean off all the other clutter on there and I think it will look pretty good . . .

Simple little project.  Simply lovely.  Total cost: $2.

What are your favorite things to pick up at the dollar store?


  1. Very cute! Love the fresh white look! Kathy Penney from Pinner Takes All

  2. So super cute!!! I've always wondered - and finally realized that the comments section might be a good place to ask: where do you spray paint? what do you lay down to protect things? how many coats? every time i attempt to spray paint something, it either runs or I feel like i'm just not covering it well. Help!!!! I wanna be able to do awesomely cute projects like yours!!!! :)

    1. Dana, Amy probably has different answers than I do... but here is what I do. I like to spray outside. (I used to do it in the garage--and still do when the weather is not cooperating--but then I have to worry about the overspray). I usually lay out a large broken down box on the grass. It really depends on what I am covering up and what color I'm using. If I am trying to cover something dark with a light color it will take several coats (as many as 5?!) Sometimes I can get away with just one. Sometimes it runs if you are spraying too close. Make sure you are spraying several inches away. And you might need a primer or a quick sanding job to help the paint stick. Does that help at all?