Monday, October 15, 2012

Monster Books

Inspired by this post and in honor of the spooky month of October I wiped out our libraries collection of monster books to read with my kids.  I thought we'd read them over several days, but we were enjoying them so much that we couldn't stop and read them all in one afternoon.  When we were done I had my kids vote on their favorite.

And the winner was . . .

Yuck! That's not a Monster! by Angela McAllister
Mr. and Mrs. Monster eagerly await the arrival of their little monster hatchlings.     First there's Frightful . . . then comes Horrid . . . but when the third little monster creeps out of his shell, he's . . . horribly SWEET and CUDDLY? What will the Monster family do with their Little Shock?

 This book won twice since both my son and daughter liked it best.  It is a really cute book with an ending that made them laugh.  Check to see if your library carries it too.  I'm sure you and your kids will enjoy it!

More of our favorites . . .

Beware the Tickle Monster! by Craig Yoe
My toddlers have always loved this book!  Guaranteed to send any little tyke into tickle-fits of laughter, Beware the Tickle Monster! is destined to become every kids’ favorite first book. 

Go Away, Big Green Monster, by Ed Emberley
Another book your toddler and preschooler will love!  Caldecott Award-winning author-artist Ed Emberley has created an ingenious way for children to chase away their nighttime fears. Kids can turn the pages of this die-cut book and watch the Big Green Monster grow. Then, when they're ready to show him who's in charge, they'll turn the remaining pages and watch him disappear!

The Monster Princess, by D.J Machale
Deep in a cave there's a story, it seems, of a sweet little monster with very big dreams.  She wished she was pretty.  She wished she could dance.  She wished to be special . . . and this was her chance.

The Monster Who Ate My Peas, by Danny Schnitzlein
What do you dread eating the most? For the boy who's the hero of this story, it's peas.  Eventually he faces a daunting decision--can he conquer his loathing for peas . . . or will he lose his most prized possession?

Jeremy Draws a Monster, by Peter McCarty
Jeremy draws a monster . . . but he doesn't expect it to be bored and hungry! How will he ever get rid of this monstrous nuisance?

The Great Monster Hunt, by Norbert Landa
When Duck wakes early one morning, she hears a funny pshh pshh! noise from under her bed.  Too afraid to look, she jumps out of bed and finds a friend to help.  Soon Pig and a brave band of friends are heading Duck's way to save her from the terrifying monster . . .

Monster Mess, by Margery Cuyler
A tired monster goes up the stairs.  But a boy is sound asleep.  And his room is not so neat--not neat enough for a monster to take a nap! So the monster starts to clean.

Monsters Don't East Broccoli, by Barbara Jean Hicks
Monsters insist they don't eat broccoli.  They'd rather snack on tractors or a rocket ship or two, or tender trailer tidbits or a wheely, steely stew.  But boy, do those trees they're munching on look an awful lot like broccoli.  Maybe vegetables aren't so bad after all!

The Monstore, by Tara Lazar
The monstore sells only the most useful monsters--perfect for all your monsterly needs.  And Zack has a big monsterly need indeed: to frighten his pesky little sister away.  No more sneaky sister snooping, sleepwalking, or snatching his stuff!  But Zack's monsters don't quite work to plan.  And the only rule of the Monstore?  No refunds.  Perhaps it's the little things in life that are the scariest of them all.

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  1. Those are some fun ones that we'll have to check out! We love Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems.

  2. We love "I Need My Monster" by Amanda Noll!!

  3. These all look really fun! I really want to get Monsters Don't eat Broccoli to read to my son.

  4. Ooh a number of new books for us to explore.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!