Monday, December 31, 2012

Gifts Kids Can Make: Monogram Pillow

A few days before Christmas my daughter told me she wanted to make her baby brother a pillow for a Christmas present.  She had already made him some finger puppets but she was really into the spirit of giving this year and I had a few minutes where I could help her and plenty of scrap fabric available.

She picked out some soft cozy fleece and I helped her to cut out some squares.  She decided she wanted to add his monogram to the front which we did easily with a little fusible webbing.  We then pinned it together and I even let her use my sewing machine for the first time to stitch the pillow together.  After flipping the fabric right-side-out came the fun part of stuffing the pillow with some batting.  I helped her sew up the opening and it was ready to wrap.

My daughter was so excited to place her present under the Christmas tree and could hardly wait for it to be opened on Christmas morning.  She kept mentioning how much she thought her baby brother was going to like it and even asked if he could open her present first.

It's been such a treat to watch my kids get excited about making their Christmas gifts this year and to see them fall in love with giving.

And of course my little guy loved his new pillow.  What a lucky fellow to have a sister like his.


  1. So very sweet! I love the idea of having kids make some gifts for people. I'm guessing this pillow will be treasured by her little brother for a long time.

  2. He looks so happy on that pillow... What a sweet kid! What a good mom to help his sister make it for him....!

    x Crystelle

  3. Awwww... my kids made gifts this year too and were equally excited to share them! Reaffirming the belief that handmade means more!!

    I do a lot of fleece applique on the blankets I make for Project Linus. Such an easy way to add cute details to an otherwise plain blanket!

  4. Awww, so sweet! What a great big sister!