Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Chex Mix

Amy is always great at coming up with healthy snacks--which I'm grateful for because I always use them!  But here is a little something for your sweet tooth.  I was recently making these for a large group and decided that I wanted a little variety.  This is what I came up with: 

Want to make some of your own?

Here is what you will need:

6 cups Rice Chex cereal
12 oz bag of white chocolate chips
1-2 tsp peppermint extract

red sprinkles
valentine m&m's
red candy melts (I just threw in a few with the chocolate chips to give it a pink-ish hue)

Measure your cereal into a large bowl.  Dump your chocolate into a medium sauce pan on low heat.  Stir chocolate occasionally until it is completely melted.  Stir in peppermint extract to taste.  Pour chocolate into cereal, stirring gently until cereal is covered.  Add in any extras (m&m's, sprinkles, etc.)  Spread out on wax paper until cool.  Store in an airtight container.  


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