Monday, May 27, 2013

Homemade Magnets

These homemade magnets make a fun gift.  I had my daughter help make a set to give to her teachers aid at school for teacher appreciation week.  I also had the girls in my 8-11 year old activity days group at my church make them for a mothers day gift.

With a stack of coordinating scrapbook paper you can get really carried away making them too.  There are just so many fun and cute combinations to do.  And the best part is packaging them!  I got this fantastic packaging idea from Sabby.  Want to know what it is?

First you have to make your magnets.  Start with some clear one inch stones.  I get a bag of them from the dollar store.  Decide what paper you want to use, lay your stone down, and trace around the the stone with a pencil.  Cut it out (slightly smaller than your outline), brush a tin layer of modge podge on your stone and lay the paper on top.  Add another thin layer of modge podge on the back and allow to dry.  Once dry apply your magnets using a hot glue gun.

Now here comes the awesome packaging part.  Cut out a piece of cardboard and glue washers where you want your magnets to be (I use tacky glue).

When you place your magnets on top of the washers they stick!  Awesome, huh?

Now slip your package into a clear bag and add a topper using coordinating scrapbook paper.  Doesn't that make for a fun presentation?  I just love it!

I know teacher appreciation day is long past but I'm curious, for all you teachers out there, what kinds of gifts do you appreciate the most?


  1. Very cute. I've made magnets using that method but I've never packaged them nicely. Great idea!

  2. So cute! Would also be great with some vintage buttons too - we have a huge stash of those!

  3. How cute! I am new from southern charm! I would love for you to check out my blog and hopefully follow me back! Nicole

  4. These are the cutest things ever! Thank you for linking up at HickoryTrail

  5. These are so cute! I've got to make some of my own. - Beth from Love You Muches

  6. I found your site on Sugar & Spice and Everything nice link party. I love your idea - so cute. I pinned so I could find you again. Thanks!

  7. These are super cute!! Thank you so much for sharing at our Simply Create Link Party! G+ these. :)


  8. Super sweet idea and a great use of that left over paper. Thanks for bringing to the party this week. Hope to see you again next week.

  9. Found you via Craft Schooling Sunday. I absolutely love this, especially using the washers to package them up! Is it okay if I pin this to my Crafts board on Pinterest? Thanks :)

    1. Sandy-
      I'm so glad you like the magnets. You're always welcome to pin anything from Serving Pink Lemonade.

  10. I used to teach 3rd grade and I would have LOVED this gift! Teachers are always in need of cute, strong magnets. I used them for everything!

  11. Super cute magnets!!!