Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Fun List

We are getting ready for summer at our house.  We have a few family reunions planned but the rest of the summer is ours to do with as we like.  We came up with our summer fun list and I'm excited!  I love having a list because on those days when I'm not motivated to think of an activity during the day we can look at our list and find something to cross off.  Here is a little peak at the fun we plan to do this summer.

* Concert in the park
* Swim lessons
* Play at the park
* Go to the spray ground
* Nature Museum
* Hike
* Beach
* Family reunion
* Science museum
* Children's museum
* Swim
* Movie day
* Picnic
* Picture shoot of the boys
* Eat from our garden
* Water fight
* Science experiments
* Deliver treats to someone who needs some extra love
* Service
* S'mores
* Attend a matinee movie
* Write a story
* Library reading program
* Homemade icecream
* Homemade popsicles
* Bowling
*Watch fireworks
* Build an indoor fort
* Attend a baseball game
* Work on a jigsaw puzzle
* Marshmallow gun fight
* Make homemade instruments
* Treasure hunt
* Root beer floats
* Visit the zoo
* Have a day with no electronics
* Collect seashells
* Play the ice cube game
* Make crafts 
*Go to the ice cream parlor
*Make something from duct tape
*Make and play on a water blob


  1. Do you have a print option on your blog somewhere? This list looks great.

  2. This is great! We do a 100 Fun Things To Do chart every summer. There are a couple on your list that we haven't used. I'll be sure to include them this year! :)

  3. Great idea. You are always so organized. I have plans to get organized, but I lack the organization to get there. I guess we will just use your list! Thanks for sharing!