Friday, October 25, 2013

Simple Super Hero Costumes

Super heroes are a popular choice for Halloween at our house.  Last year my two oldest decided to be Super Man and Super Girl.  This year my five year old picked Batman so I couldn't help but have my almost-two-year-old be Robin.

I kind of have a little competition with myself when creating Halloween costumes for my kids.  How simple can I make them, how inexpensive can I create them for, and how much of it can I reuse after Halloween is over.  I think this Batman costume is a winner!

Here's the break down:
Plain black pants and shirt (can be worn as regular clothes after Halloween) - Target
Black cape  - Dollar Tree (only $1 of course)
Batman belt - made free from leftover scraps
Batman mask - ($3.54)

While this costume looks simple my son was very specific about how he wanted it.  He wanted to be a modern all-black batman.  He didn't want a logo on his shirt and he let me know exactly how he wanted the belt made.  This is a boy who know's what he wants.  I think his costume turned out perfect!

My busy little two-year-old makes a great side kick.  He wants to be just like his big brother and is constantly copying everything my five year old does.  Usually he loves to get his picture taken but this time he was not in the mood.  I made him a cute little yellow and red reversible cape but he wanted nothing to do with it.  Sniff :(  I'm just happy that I got him to wear the belt--even if it was only for a few minutes.  The cape and belt were both free since I made them from my scrap pile.  I bought a plain red shirt from Target and added the Robin logo and stripes using Wonder Under.  The green pants were my biggest challenge.  I looked everywhere for green pants!  I was about to break down and make some and then I checked JC Penny.  They had three different styles of green pants!  Of course!  I think he makes one cute Robin--even without his cape :)

And here's my super duo!  Not the best picture but the only one I got of them together.

Interested in making a super cape for your child's Halloween costume?
Be sure to check out my free templates here and here!


  1. Darling! I'm so impressed. And it looks like it fits a lot better than the store-bought costumes with the velcro fasteners.

  2. LOVE! They are so much nicer than the stupid "muscles" the store ones come with. Hate those!

  3. This is fantastic and I'm going to pin as a Christmas photo shoot idea as my boy loves Batman.

  4. GREAT post and I LOVE your blog! So happy to find you through the Let's Hear it For the Boys Party! XO, ellie from

  5. We were Batman and Robin too and I had the same problem with green pants! We ended up with green athletic shorts... What happened to all the basic green sweat pants?