Monday, March 10, 2014

Quiet Book Games Part 4: Memory Match (Free Template Included)

Today is part four in my quiet book game series.  Just one more to go!  Don't forget to stop by for my big giveaway once the series is through.

You will find links to the other posts in this series at the end of this post.

Matching games are fun for children of all ages.  I always enjoy playing them with my kids!  Do we ever really out grow them?  You can even simplify the game for very young children by playing with all the cards facing up.  The memory game I've created can also help toddlers and preschoolers learn their colors and shapes.  There are lots of learning opportunities packed into this little game.

What you'll need to make a memory match quiet book game:
1. Template (found at the end of this post)
2. Two pre-cut blank quiet book pages.  I always use Pellon peltex for my quiet book pages--it's sturdy and you don't have to worry about fraying edges.  I make all my quiet book pages 7 x 8.5 inches.
3. Various colors of felt
4. Fusible webbing (I use Pellon wonder under)
5. Acid free permanent marker
6. Single hole paper punch


Download and print out the template.  Place the template under your fusible webbing and trace two of each shape.

Bubble cut around the shape pairs.  Following the fusible web instructions use your iron to adhere the shape pairs to different colors of felt.

Cut out the shapes.  Also, use the rectangle template to cut out 36 of the game cards.  Fold your felt in half to cut two at once to help it go faster.

Peel off the paper backing from your shapes and place them, fusible webbing side down, onto the rectangle game cards.  Use your iron to fuse the shapes to the cards.  Remember to cover your project with a scrap piece of cotton fabric to protect it when ironing.

Pin another rectangle piece to the back of each game card and sew around the edges at 1/8".  The two layers makes it so you can't see the shapes through the back of the cards.

Now use your rectangle template and a permanent marker to trace nine squares onto each quiet book page.  Remember to use a single hole punch to place holes along the edge for binding.

Place completed game cards onto your quiet book page face down for playing.

Have fun with your new memory match game!

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(To print templatesClick on picture below to enlarge, then right click and copy.  Open a word document, reduce your margins to zero and paste.  Expand to 100% and print.)

Like this quiet book idea?  Find more of my quiet book ideas here and in my new book Quiet Book Patterns: 25 easy-to-make activities for your children.


  1. I love your quiet book! I bought your book and I am waiting to do it soon! Thank you for all

  2. This is a great idea for a quiet book page...I've been pulling together all sorts of ideas for a book and I think this one just got added to the list! Thanks!

    Found your post at the Inspire Me Wednesday linky party

  3. Saw this on the make it and love it linky party! This is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. WOW!! I will be returning to your blog often to see what other fantastic ideas you share!! Love what I saw today - very good info for a quiet book!! Thank you so much for linking up!!