Monday, August 11, 2014

Date Night (in a can)

Last year for for Christmas I gave my sister and her husband six date nights.  With money being tight while my brother-in-law is doing his dental surgery residency I thought it would be an easy, fun, and inexpensive way for them to spend time together at home after their kids went to bed.  I packaged each date in a large #10 food storage can that I wrapped with a "date night" label.

Each date contained an activity and a snack.  Initially I thought I would fill the cans with healthy snacks and treats since I knew my sister would appreciate that but then thought I better add some of my brother-in-laws favorite snacks too.  I bought the movies on blue-ray and I was glad I spent the extra money on them because I later learned that a regular DVD case wouldn't fit in the cans.  The blue-rays slightly smaller size were perfect.

This is what each can contained:

Date #1: Movie (comedy) and a sweet and salty snack.

Date #2: Movie (chick flick) and a sweet and salty snack.

Date #3 Movie (Action) and a sweet and salty snack.

Date #4: Game and snacks

Date #5: Game and snack

Date #6: Sharing memories and eating smores.

For this date I suggested that they could tell each other stories going to scout or girls camp growing up while they ate their smores.  I also included a list of fun questions they could ask each other that I found here.  I cut the papers down to a size that would fit in the can and made a cute little folder for them to go inside.

After I filled each can I added an expiration label to each lid depending on when the food in the can expired so they would know when to use each can by.  I placed all six cans into a box and they were ready to wrap and ship.

These make a fun homade gift for Christmas and could even be used for a unique wedding gift.

Want to make your own date night gift?  Feel free to use my label below.


  1. woooow! these are gifts from the heart! love its originality

  2. Fun!!! How did you do the label? Did you use 2 pieces of 8 1/2" x 11" paper or legal size to get it all the way around the can?

    1. I did use a legal size paper but it wasn't quite long enough so there was some taping involved to create the right size.

  3. What a thoughtful gift. I would like to do something like this for my hubby this year for Christmas!