Monday, February 2, 2015

A-MAZE-ING Valentines! (Printable Included)

I have so much fun helping my school aged kids come up with fun valentines to share with their classmates each year.  The challenge I like to give myself (weather it be Valentine's, Halloween, Christmas, or any holiday) is to come up with something that's doesn't involve candy.  I spied this idea over at Pinching Your Pennies and I loved it so much that I decided to create something similar.  What I love most about this valentine is that it isn't mushy.  I mean what third grader wants to tell each of their classmates that they love them?  Telling them they are amazing though is something everyone loves to hear!

I picked up these heart mazes at Michael's. They were on sale making a bag of 18 under $2.  I love that there is blue and red so the boys don't get stuck with a girly color.

It only took a few minutes to make up this quick printable.  We printed them out in several different colors for variety.

It didn't take long to cut them out and fill in the "To" and "From".

We then packaged them in cute little baggies to keep them contained--and because everything is more fun when it comes in a cute little baggie!

Want to make your own?  Feel free to use my simple printable below.  Simply click on image to enlarge, right click, copy, paste into a word document and adjust sizing.


  1. thanks for linking to Show and Tell at Sugar Bee Crafts - - I featured you today!

  2. Sweet...I will see if I can convince my kids to pick this :)

  3. Great idea! My first grader would love these. Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do This Weekend? I hope you'll join us again this Monday morning :)

  4. So cute! Where'd did you find the bags?