Monday, April 13, 2015

Mini "treat-yo-self" Birthday Package

Do you watch Parks and Recreation? Me too.  Funniest show ever.  Laugh out loud funny.  I mean something has to be really funny to make me laugh out loud--I don't give my laughs away easily--but Parks and Rec does it for me every time.  Hi-lar-i-ous.  If you watch it too I'm sure you understand why I'm broken hearted that the series is over.

As my sisters and I were brainstorming what to get our youngest sister, Rachelle, for her birthday I started thinking that what she might enjoy most for her birthday was to treat herself to something.  Then it hit me.  She needed a "treat yo self" birthday package.  If you're familiar with Parks and Rec then you know all about treat-yo-self.  Once a year Tom and Donna dedicate a day to treating themselves--like over the top treating themselves.

I mean who doesn't love to treat themselves.  And what better thing for the birthday girl to do.

Of course we don't have a Tom and Donna treat-yo-self budget but I still think we put together a pretty good package.

Of course the birthday girl should take herself to lunch so we got her a gift card to one of her favorite places, Subway.  And she'll want to wear something pretty on her special day so we got her a new necklace.  Rachelle is our flower sister, she loves flowers, so I thought this cute necklace was perfect.  Later in the day she might want to relax and give herself a pedicure or paint her nails so we threw in some new nail polish.  Birthday's always call for a special sweet treat too and since Rachelle is our health nut sister we got her a bag of dark chocolate honey mints from Trader Joe's--an extra special treat since she doesn't live anywhere near Trader Joe's.  Poor girl.

Put all together I think it makes for a pretty great treat.  We sure hope she likes it.

Now to pack it up and ship it off so it will be there in time for her special day.

Happy birthday Rachelle!

Feel free to use our little printable to your hearts content.
(Click on image to enlarge, right click, copy, and paste in a word document to print.)
And don't forget to take some time to treat yo self.  I think we all need a treat sometime.

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  1. What a fun birthday present! The necklace is beautiful.