Monday, June 29, 2015

General Conference Quote Board

I've written several posts in the past about engaging your children during General Conference and preparing them beforehand.  About a month ago a friend of mine, Kensie of Kensie M Photography, shared a way that she keeps the messages from conference hanging around the house--literally.  

Honestly, this one of the quicker projects I've done in a while!    First, I gathered a good collection of quotes from this past General Conference and pinned them.  You can find them all on my Conference Board on Pinterest.  Next, I saved them and cropped them to be 6 x 8.  (My frame was 36 x 24 so this allowed me to have 18 total quotes in my frame.)  After printing them on cardstock I arranged them--and then rearranged a few times--until I was satisfied.  I then flipped the quotes over into the frame and taped them together with masking tape.  

I've seen my boys reading them as they head downstairs and it makes my heart happy to know that they are continuing to internalize the wonderful messages we have been taught.  I love to have a visual reminder of those words hanging in my home. 

And just for you I'm sharing a printable I created with one of my favorite quotes.  Enjoy!

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