Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Madeline Costume

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines
Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.
They left the house at half past nine
In two straight lines in rain or shine.
The smallest one was Madeline.

(-from Madeline's Rescue by Ludwig Bemelmans)

I just can't get over my cute little Madeline!

I've said before that I'm kind of a Halloween Grinch.  My sweet little one year old almost didn't get a costume for Halloween this year since I figure if she's young enough to not care then I don't care to take the time to make a costume.  I know.  I'm no fun.  Super Grinchy.

I decided to browse Pinterest for costume ideas anyway--just for fun--to see what was out there because I was drawing a blank.  I had ZERO ideas.  As I scrolled through Pinterest the costume that stood out to me the most was Madeline.  We have loved the books at our house and I thought a little Madeline would be so sweet.  After all, my spunky little one year old is the smallest one in our family--like it says in the book.  It all just seemed to fit.

My little Madeline just loves her costume and she thinks wearing her sweet little hat is too much fun.

Here's a view of the back.

I tried to talk myself out of the costume but I just couldn't.  It all came together so flawlessly.  I already had the blue fabric to make the dress so I had no excuse.  I used a nightgown pattern from my stash that had raglan sleeves making it super simple to put together.  I got out of having to sew a collar for the dress by using a collared shirt I already had.  Last I added a ribbon around the neck.

Here it is all put together.

The hat I found at Target on clearance for a few dollars.  This was the only purchase I made for the costume.  Everything else I already owned--which is how I like to do Halloween costumes.  I added a black ribbon and it was all ready for Miss Madeline to wear.

I'm so glad I got over my ginchy-ness because I had so much fun putting this consume together.  I really don't remember the last time I was this excited about a project.  I even wrote a little poem about my own "smallest one" to go along with it--but I'm not really much of a poet so I'll save that one for the family blog.

So, what are your kids being for Halloween this year?  Do you make or buy your costumes or do a little of both?


  1. That is seriously so adorable! What a cutie. I'm attempting a DIY Charlie Brown costume, which is going to be a onesie with duct tape. Seriously so easy, but for my non-crafty self it will be a serious feat.

  2. Adorable, and she looks so grown up! thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

  3. would you consider selling this costume?!