Monday, November 16, 2015

Dressing Your Truth + a Giveaway! ***Giveaway Closed***

A few weeks ago I mentioned one of my very favorite parenting books, The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle. (If you missed my post about that go here to learn more about this super helpful parenting guide.)  This book sparked my interest in Carol Tuttle's work and I soon learned about her Dressing Your Truth® course.  I was intrigued by it (because who doesn't want to look and feel great) and had been wanting to take the course for quite a while. Recently I finally had the time and found the course so interesting (and fun--because clothes and shopping are always fun).

I wanted to mention it here because I enjoyed it so much and learned a lot about myself in the process--I thought all of you might love it too.  Often as a mom I get so busy buying clothes for my four fast growing kids that I often forget about myself.  It was a nice change to focus on what I wear.

You can learn about your Type of beauty too by going HERE and taking the free course.  My mom, sisters, and I have all taken the course and we love chatting about it together.  It's a lot of fun.

But what is Dressing Your Truth?

In the Dressing Your Truth course you'll learn which of the four Types of beauty you express as well as gain the tools and knowledge to express that beauty through your clothes, accessories, hair, and make-up.  I think Dressing Your Truth is fabulous because it allows you to express outwardly what your true nature is on the inside.

I am a TYPE 2SM woman and after taking the course I was happy to learn that I have--for the most part--been dressing my truth all along.  Carol talks about having a beauty sixth sense and the elements she teaches about for a TYPE 2SM woman are what I have always loved and been drawn to.  Soft, blended, flowy, muted, feminine, clothes is what my closet is full of!

It was satisfying to know that I have been honoring my nature all these years.  I did have to do a little tweaking with my wardrobe since TYPE 2SM women shouldn't wear black--and I love black--or I thought I did.  Initially I was disappointed that I would have to give up my black if I wanted to dress true to my nature but after leaning that I could still wear grays and navy's giving up black was much easier--and I found that many of my favorite items of clothing that I thought of as black really were a dark gray.

One of the things I love the most about Dressing Your Truth is that I can walk into any store and know exactly what will look good on me.  It makes shopping for clothes so easy.  In fact I walked into one of my favorite stores the other day and the clothing display right in the front of the store was full of TYPE 2SM clothes.  It was fun to instantly recognize it.

The lovely ladies over at Dressing Your Truth have generously offered to giveaway a Dressing Your Truth online experience to one of my readers (a $297 value!)  I'm so excited to be able to offer it to you!

In the 3-hour course you'll discover your Type of beauty and learn the tools for how to express it through your clothes, accessories, make-up, and hair.

The Dressing Your Truth experience also includes hours of personal style training, Dressing Your Truth Club Membership, monthly online events (I have loved watching these!), and much, much more!

Enter for your chance to win below by leaving a comment telling me what your favorite color is to wear, then click HERE to learn your type of beauty for free!

Also . . . the holiday's are right around the corner, and if you're like me, I'm always trying to come up with unique and creative gift ideas.  The Dressing Your Truth online experience would make a really fun gift for that person who you just don't know what to get--or maybe you want to put it on your wish list.  There is even a Dressing Your Truth course for men!

Good luck!

Giveaway ends November 20, 2015

***Congratulations to Heather for winning the Dressing Your Truth giveaway!

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  1. Love wearing all jewel colors. ..raspberry and navy :)

  2. I like wearing blue, based on my wardrobe, but I especially love gray too. Thanks!

  3. I like to wear gray- it goes with everything in my closet:)

  4. I have a lot of greys but I also like greens and reds.


  5. I like wearing shades of blues and greens.

  6. I have a closet full of grey but I also like red.

    Patti phenrywv_at_atlanticbb_dot_net

  7. I love wearing blues and purples!

  8. I'm not sure if I have a favorite color. I have a ton of white and black because those two can go with everything :)

  9. I have lots of pink in my closet, but probably just as many black/grey/silvers.

  10. I like wearing black and gray with a pop of color in red or blue!

  11. I love wearing red and bright blues and greens.

  12. My favorite color to wear is blue!

  13. I'm drawn to jewel tones and I love blues and greens.

  14. My favorite color to wear is teal!

  15. My favorite color to wear is any shade of blue.