Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gifts Kids Can Make: Dad T-shirt

Finding something for my boys to make for their brothers is one thing . . . but making something for adults is another thing entirely.  

My husband is always needing t-shirts.  He especially loves the ones that our boys help design.  So for Christmas I enlisted the aide of my boys in making a new t-shirt for Dad.  First we made a freezer paper stencil (see Amy's tutorial here) for our design on the front.  After I ironed it on each of the boys helped paint.  After peeling the paper off it looked like this:

As much as I loved the front of the shirt the back ended up being my favorite part!  Each of the boys used my fabric markers to draw themselves and write their name.  It is a fun little keepsake of both their handwriting and artistic abilities!

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