Friday, March 31, 2017

LDS Tangrams

General Conference is this coming weekend! In our home we almost treat it like a minor holiday--we have certain treats and traditions that we have been doing for years now.  Every six months I put together a conference basket to keep my children entertained and engaged in the broadcast.  The contents of our basket varies from year to year depending on the ages of my children, my creativity level, and requests from my kids.  My good friend, Kensie, shared and idea with me this week that I am going to pass on to you!  This would be the perfect addition to your conference weekend . . . or any Sunday (you could hand this off to your kids while you sneak in a quick Sunday afternoon nap!)  

I loved doing tangrams as a kid.  And really, I still love to play with them!  Kensie created these tangram cards with an LDS twist.  

She created 31 different cards and you can download them all for free! (If you don't have tangrams in your house you can order them here or you can even print some for free here.)

I hope this idea helps you with your Conference Weekend plans.  Enjoy!

(In order to download the cards you will need to click on the image and then right click to save.)

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