Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Felt Flower Wall Art

Over the summer we rearranged rooms at our house.  Since that time I've been wanting to hang some pictures up on the big empty wall above my daughter's bed.  I had a few pieces I knew I wanted but I needed more to fill out the space.  I searched so many stores for something that caught my eye.  I wanted some sort of flower that popped off the wall.  I just couldn't find anything I loved.  I moved on to scouring Pinterest and decided that I could make some flowers.  I love the huge paper flowers but knowing that they would be within reach of my kids I decided against that idea.  Instead, I settled on felt flowers.  

I found some great tutorials here.  All were fairly simple and only required felt and hot glue!  When I was done making my flowers I spray painted a piece of cardboard to stick in my empty frame.  After deciding on an arrangement for my flowers I hot-glued them to my cardboard.

I am so happy with how my felt flower arrangement turned out and my daughter just adores them up on her wall!

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