Tuesday, April 16, 2019

(Not Your Everyday) Princess Birthday Party

I've been wanting to share with you the princess party my older kids and I threw for this sweet and spunky four year old. Turning four at our house is a pretty big deal since it is traditionally the first year I throw my kids a birthday party with friends.  

My daughter wanted a princess party so a princess party it was. I love designing my kids party invitations and my favorite way to send them is through Paperless Post. I love this online invitation sight over others because it allows me to upload and send the 5x7 invitations I create. They also have a lot of pre-made invitations and unique options that other sites don't offer like envelopes.

My daughter has a lot of friends that are boys so my 12 year old and I brainstormed how we could make this princess party really fun for them too without things being too frilly or girly. We decided that we would take the kids on a royal quest to get to the ball. It ended up being so much fun! This party idea would also work great for a prince or knight party--or even a combined princess/knight party!

When the party goers arrived they were invited to decorate a party bag. We provided lots of stickers and markers for them to make their bag unique and we made sure everyone put their name on it so they wouldn't get mixed up with someone elses.

As the kids were finishing up my 12 year old arrived dressed up like a royal messenger a read to them a proclamation from the king and queen. It said the king and queen were throwing a ball for the birthday girl but they must complete a quest to get to the ball. They would have to cross a treacherous bridge to acquire a enchanted potion, help rescue some baby unicorns, and unlock a secret door to retrieve a magical weapon in case they encountered a dragon. When they arrive at the ball they will be crowed for their brave accomplishments. They were then invited to take their party bag and follow her into the next room to begin their quest and play the first game.


Before the kids were sent on their quest they were to receive a farewell token from a prince or princess. We played pin-the-kiss on the prince (or princess). After completing the game each child got a few Hershey kisses to add to their party bag.

We then headed upstairs where the kids were faced with a treacherous bridge to cross. They walked across the balance beam (the balloons represented water) and when they got to the other side they received a enchanted potion (bubbles) to add to their party bag.

Then we headed downstairs to the basement. This is where we had to rescue the baby unicorns. I had an obstacle course set up down there for the kids to complete. When they got to one end of the course they got to pick a baby unicorn from the nest to add to their party bag. They then would finish the course and tag the next friend for their turn.

Our last game required the kids to unlock a secret door to retrieve a magical weapon. To play this game they had to throw a bean bag into the keyhole cutout of a box. After throwing their beanbag in they received their magical weapon. The girls got wands and the boys got small daggers (that my older kids so generously made out of perler beads.)

These weapons sure came in handy too because as they came back upstairs there was a dragon waiting around the corner. To get by they simply had to aim their weapon at the dragon (who was my very helpful nine year old) and he would cower allowing them to pass. 

Getting past the dragon completed the quest! At the top of the stairs the king (who was my very sweet six year old all dressed up) congratulated everyone and crowned each party goer for completing the quest and making it to the ball.

Everyone was then granted entrance into the ball and we had a fun and fabulous freeze dance party.

When we were all tired out from freeze dancing the birthday girl got to open presents and then we all enjoyed some fairy princess wand rice crispy treats.

It was a super fun morning and I think everyone had a blast! I especially have to thank my 12, 9, and 6 year old children who helped me brainstorm ideas for this party (the best ideas were theirs!) and for helping me to pull it off. They are the best!

And happy happy birthday to my sweet four year old! We sure love you! 

I hope this post inspires you if you are creating your own princess (or knight) birthday party.

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