Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hide & Seek

I found this little scavenger hunt a while ago on All Kids Network but just haven't gotten around to doing it.  We got snowed in and I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to pull it out (so that we all wouldn't go crazy!)  I had previously printed and cut the pieces up . . . so all I had to do was place them around the house.

The first time we did it my 6-year-old told me that it was too easy . . . so I let him have a turn at hiding the clues.  This turned out to be the most fun part about it!  The two older boys had a blast taking turns being the one to hide the puppy and the clues leading to it.

Really, I think this is geared toward the younger set but letting my boys do the hiding turned this into a perfect game for a snowy day.


  1. Thank you for sharing this link. What a wonderful site. I think my kids would love this game.

  2. My four year old will absolutely love this - she likes Hide and Seek so much we had a Hide and Seek birthday for her last year! Thanks for the link!