Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Gifts for Boys

I LOVE Valentine's Day. I try to make it fun and not to girl-y since I have a house full of boys! This year I have come up with these ideas:

I found these little paddle games in the seasonal section at WalMart. They came in packs of 4 for $1. Heart shaped . . . but still fun.

Again from WalMart (and for the same price 4/$1) I found these little mini recorders. I know I'm going to regret this one . . . but the boys will love it.

Stickers are always a hit at our house . . . if the boys don't use them (or put them all over themselves like my 1-year-old is apt to do) then I put them on the sandwich bags of my Kindergartners lunch. I found these on clearance for 50 cents a pack.

I was at the Dollar Tree one day and ran across these super hero taffies. I'll probably give them just one each and save the rest for another day . . . but I think these will be the biggest hit of all.

And again at the dollar store I found these little cute notebooks. . . 3 for $1. My boys like to draw so these are perfect. (Sometimes I'll pop a little thing like this in my purse just in case we ever get stuck somewhere and I need to keep them busy). I'll probably cover them in scrapbook paper (not too girl-y of course) and add their initial to the cover.

Of course, after I got all of these I found this idea about giving books on Valentine's Day. I may save that away for next year.

Do you give your children anything on Valentine's Day?


  1. Those are cute!! It's hard to come up with things for boys sometimes, so well done!

  2. Those are great ideas!
    For the past few years I have been giving new sippy cups/water bottles because we need them and you can put a few festive candies inside.