Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Little Stuffed Giraffes

A couple years ago I saw these cute little stuffed animals over at Make It and Love It and have kept them in the back of my mind as a simple project I'd like to do someday.

Jeanine reminded me of them last year when she had her sons make one for a Christmas gift here. (And I just love the idea of having siblings make homemade gifts for each other.  I'm excited to start that tradition with my kids this year.)

Earlier this year I was in charge of coming up with a service project for the women in our church group to do.  I then remembered those cute little giraffes and realized they would be simple enough for the women to make together in one night and give to a local children's hospital.

I made up a few samples that I planned on later giving to my son and daughter.
Cute printed fabric on one side . . .

 . . . soft on the other.

I drew up a pattern for the occasion--which you're welcome to use if you'd like to make your own.
(Click on picture and then copy and save to your computer.  Open in a document and reduce your margins to zero.  Expand to 100% and print.)

For the service project I went with polka-dot fabric and a soft fleece on the other side.  So many women came to help cut, pin, sew and stuff these little stuffed animals.  We had a great time working on them together.

We were able to turn out quite a few in one night.  It turned out to be a great service project.

What color are you going to use to make yours???


  1. Amy! Those turned out super cute!

  2. Hi Amy,

    very very cute, so cute, that I made an embroidery file out of your template. Would it be ok for you, when I made it downloadable as freebie, with a link to you as "creator"?

    Look at the test-stitch:


  3. Hi Kirsten,
    Feel free to make an embroidery file. I'd love to see it when you do.

  4. These are adorable! My niece just had a baby girl and decorated her nursery in pink giraffes! This would make a perfect gift! I found you through Sew Woodsy. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Amy,

    the embroidery file is online now - with a short description how to embroider with the machine.

    I think the giraffe is really adorable!!!


  6. I love these! We have a couple new babies in the fam.

    I'd love for you to link up and share:

  7. How sweet! And perfect for a baby's hands!

  8. So cute! Perfect gift for a little one.

  9. these are so sweet! I'm gotta go find a baby to make this fun :)

  10. And here you can download the free embroidery file as well:

    The reactions are all positive - and they told me to thank you! :)

    Greetings, Kirsten

  11. Adorei suas girafas! Parabéns!